Today: January 18, 2018
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Video: The 33rd Annual Technology Exhibition of the Kristo Asafo (year 2013)

This video shows the amazing inventions of Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo Kantanka exhibited during the 33rd Annual Technology Exhibition of the Kristo Asafo on the 29th of December, 2013.
Items include:
1. Kantanka Otumfo: a 4×4 vehicle powered by a Kantanka V8 engine. The vehicle is ignited by a walking stick. It also speaks to warn pedestrians when it is in the reverse gear.

2. “Kantanka Odeneho II”, an engineless vehicle with navigation system that works on android. It is an upgrade of the “Kantanka Odeneho I” released last year. It is powered by 12 rechargeable batteries. It does not use fuel.

3. KTK 02: a defensive helicopter armed with missiles. Due to the high restrictions posed by the Ghana Aviation authority on the Kantanka helicopter, the helicopter was not permitted to fly. They claim he does not have license to manufacture airplanes or helicopters so they will not permit it to fly. But Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo is not discouraged; he is still resolving this issue with them. Soon we will see the Kantanka helicopters in the air.

4. Kantanka passenger airliner. Due to the high restrictions posed on the Kantanka airliner by the Ghana Aviation Authority, this airliner was only started. They claim he does not have license to manufacture airplanes so they will not permit it to fly. But Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo is not discouraged; he is still resolving this issue with them. Soon we will see the Kantanka airplanes in the air.

5. Kantanka Bazooka : A powerful and portable tube shaped military weapon that launches missiles which can disable tanks (armoured military vehicles). This weapon is not revolutionary but for national defence, peace keeping missions and other military exercises.

6. Kantanka automated security gate guarded by Kantanka robot.

7. Kantanka smoke detector. Unlike other smoke detectors, this smoke detector is attached to the Kantanka mother board and it points out the exact part of the building or equipment which is on fire. It speaks to tell the user the exact location within the storey building or office that is on fire.

8. Kantanka irrigation robot designed for irrigation purposes to help in food production.

9. Kantanka sanitation robot.

10. Kantanka engine blocks including 4, 6, 8 and 12 cylinder engines.

Commercial production to begin on May 2014.

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  1. Personally I think all that this great man is doing is revolutionary, by African standards, and may God continue to bless him.
    It appears he is aiming to take the transport sector by storm which I believe is possible and my little advice is that he should spare no effort in developing much lighter and cheaper vehicles; the likes of the ford ka, tata nano, etc which would cut down on national fuel consumption, pollute the air less and save us some money.
    As a keen motorcyclist I would also suggest to him that, the market for cheap , low-capacity motorcycles in Ghana is huge so his engineering team should look into that too. He can easily break into this market by producing ordinary motorised bicycles ( bicycles powered by very small engines) which have low fuel consumption and could be used by almost everyone.
    Apostles Sarfo , please continue with your production of high-end vehicles but I believe you can make the greatest impact with the production of very light vehicles, motorcycles and motorised bicycles ( for our farmers).
    Kudos to you and your team for this ground breaking venture to commence in May 2014.

  2. Infact the man is great,the greatest among the rest. we should all help him to wake africa.

  3. This is great I’m always happy to see this on tv.good work keep up. What is the required to visit the technology centre?

  4. I cant wait to see your products at the market especially your cars and tv sets infact U are really a stars thank U for your good works I wish U long life. All the best

  5. If we keep importing 1000s of vehicles with so much dollars into the country on daily basis why not focusing and helping this man to boost his production and thereby helping to reduce our economic crises???? It’s still never too late. Let’s reason together as a nation. May God prolong his life for us.

  6. Pls how did u get to do this wonderful tins, i hope u are blessed keep it up,i will love to come work with u

  7. The Americans and the western countries are producing airplanes and more. Why is the African government preventing helicpter production? Dr. Safo should be supported and encouraged or even get funding from our government. We could be the next airplane supplier in Africa. We need visionary governments. God Bless Dr. Safo

  8. The government must do all her best to support Dr. Sarfo and fight for him to secure the needed licence to continue his good works.

  9. Similar thing is happening Nigeria also by Innoson. African is moving on, our land will bcom paradise soon

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