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Video: Professor Agyekum speech during the 31st Technology Exhibition of The Kristo Asafo


Professor Kofi Agyekum

Professor Kofi Agyekum

In this video, Professor Kofi Agyekum, a Senior Lecturer of linguistics at the University of Ghana, gives an eyewitness account of the wonderful works of Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo, the Star of Africa and the world’s greatest technologist of all time.

This occurred on December 2011 during the Kristo Asafo 31st Technology Exhibition.

This was what he said:

“We thank God for giving us a wonderful man like this. I have been following all the works of Apostle Kwadwo Safo for the past ten years. I first went to Taifa (a town in Ghana) where I saw him burning palm husks to manufacture engine.

We thought palm husks were of no use and have to be disposed or in some cases used to fill trenches on the road. So for someone to conceive the idea of burning palm husks and mixing it with other things (such as sea shells) to make metals, was really shocking.

Another thing that amazes me is this: those of us in the educational institutions know that every professor has an area of specialisation so has a particular subject area to teach. That is the reason why when the course tutor goes on sabbatical leave, sometimes, we do not get anybody to teach the course until the tutor resumes from leave.

So I am amazed that one person has the capability and has made herbal drugs, manufactured block moulding machines that moulds 16 blocks at a go, given herbal infusions to rabbits that boosted their reproductive potential and thus gave birth to 16 kittens, manufactured road construction machines and machines for digging holes and trenches, manufactured different varieties of cars and today what we have seen.

If someone had said before today that a Ghanaian would be able to manufactured rockets, nobody would have believed. Lets us ask ourselves, what kind of man is this? He has a wide-spread knowledge base.

Everybody has his area of specialisation, but for one person to manufacture a wide array of  technological gadgets, and do so excellently,  is very rare.

Anytime I come here and see all these things, I ask myself, why is it that when an asset is close to the African, he does not like it? Unless it is kicked to the bush before he hastens to get a cutlass and begins weeding to look for that same asset.

Man will not live eternally. If one day, God forbid, we wake up and are told that Apostle Safo is no more, what will we do? This should signal the nation that it is time we get focused.

The last time, I met Baah Wiredu (Minister of Finance and Economic Planning), Dr Addo Kuffour (Minister of Defence) and other politicians here.

And anytime we meet here, the politicians recite “we will support him ( Apostle Safo)” but the support has never been forthcoming. It is time the entire nation take a decision and support him.

We all need to do so because one man cannot carry all the burdens on his shoulders alone.

I am also happy that these wonderful works are coming from a Man of God. All pastors in the country should emulate him. We thank the Kristo Asafo Mission for supporting him but the entire nation must also back him up , otherwise one day will be a bad day for us. I thank the Kristo Asafo church for inviting us to the occasion. I also thank Apostle Safo and pray that God doubles the length of his life on earth.

The source of your skill and inspiration are through your dreams. I will add that you continue to train others so when you are no more, the nation would be able to continue your good works.

We thank everybody. We hope that by this time next year, Apostle Safo will still be alive to bring amazing things like we saw today.

Kudos to you all.

Happy New Year”

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  1. May God continue to bless you. I am very eager to use one of your appliances. Continue your good work.

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