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The untold origin of leather and the fashion industry

Exploring the link between Religion and Technology – Chapter 3:

FashionIn recent times, women and men alike clamour for the swagger recent clothes have provided. Many brands have become household names due to the ever-growing taste for fashion and the financial turn-outs are also rewarding.

It is interesting to know that the fashion industry is surprisingly traced back to the era of creation. Yes, it started during the era of creation and attained its modern complex themes through the application of sophisticated technology.

Let’s begin the exploration.

The Genesis story of creation is a much revered account of how natural things came into being. The names ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ bear familiarity even beyond the confines of Christian homes. However, not all the perspectives and details of that very account are usually taken into consideration, or given the valuable spotlight it deserves.

Usually, narrators end at the parts where the first people sinned. Some go a little further to explain the consequences God warned the couple about. Nonetheless, hardly do they mention the thread of technological details involved. Hardly, do people notice that this commenced the invention and gradual revolution of leather.

Leather clothes

Examples of modern leather clothes

“And the Lord God made clothes out of animal skins for Adam and his wife, and he clothed them.” – (Genesis 3:21)

The above quote might not be as lengthy in detail as expected, yet it does have a lot to say. Man had disobeyed their creator. As a punishment for their disobedience, the creator drove his precious gems out of the Garden of Eden.

Much comfort was not to be expected in the wilderness. In fact, Adam and Eve had been foretold of the immense misery they were to endure (including their generation).

However, before their comfortable stay on earth faded before their very eyes, God gave them a gift. It was clothes made from animal skin. That was the beginning of clothing that has grown over the years into complex fashions.

It is also worth noting that the maker could have pronounced clothes into existence but did not. Instead, he showed man that leather could be obtained from animal skin. The leather industry originated here.

Some leather products

Some leather products

The Bible quote highlights this to ensures our awareness that God made clothes out of animal skins. Therefore GOD developed a solution for mankind’s nakedness out of the existing environment. By doing this, God thought mankind that he (man) could better his own life from the existing resources.

Man is therefore expected to make use of nature to ease his living conditions. He is to put the knowledge of nature (science) into practice (technology).

The cure for our societal ailments and problems are not far out in space or some strange realms far away. If we focus on scientific knowledge and the practicality of it, we would solve them.

The success story after creation through the application of technology

Several years later after creation, this parting gift remains a core part of human existence. Bags, shoes, belts and other leather products have generated income and jobs for millions of people.

The fashion industry is also giving comfort to billions of lives and financial smiles to others. Man has also researched into obtaining clothes from other sources such as cotton etc. Glory be to God for showing the way.

The exploration of the link between religion and technology continues.

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