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February Edition: The Story Behind Kantanka Onantefo, Apostle Safo’s talking 4 Wheel Drive

Executive Summary

The successful manufacture of Kantanka Onantefo I, a 4×4 cross country vehicle, in the year 2006 further projected the technological skills of Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo Kantanka to the world and proved all his critics wrong. It also marked the beginning of Ghana’s journeys on the production of 4 wheel drives.

In 1998, the Star of Africa manufactured his first vehicle which was a saloon car but Kantanka Onantefo I was the first four wheel drive he had tried his hands on.

In most parts of the world where vehicles are manufactured, the parts are usually obtained from different manufacturers and sometimes from different countries. But in this instance, the Apostle manufactured every part of the vehicle including the engine from scratch.

The vehicle speaks to alert the driver to check its water, oil, brake fluid and tyres. It also wishes him safe journey. When it is in the reverse gear, it voices to warn pedestrians to stand aside.

This video is a short documentary on how the Kantanka Onantefo I was built. Enjoy…!

[scroll down to the end for the video]



Kantanka Onantefo - Diesel engine and entire body built by the Star of Africa

Kantanka Onantefo – Diesel engine and entire body built by the Star of Africa

Ghanaians have hailed the news that Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo, the front-runner of African technology, will be producing his vehicles in commercial quantities by the end of May this year. He would begin with Kantanka Onantefo 4×4 and pickups. Buses and saloon cars would follow later.

But before he completes the installation and testing of his vehicle assembly plant which would enable him produce 80 to 200 cars monthly, it is important to know how it all began.

In the year 2006, Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo Kantanka took a bold decision to try his hands on the manufacture of a four wheel drive. He had over the years manufactured a vast array of machines and gadgets with extra ordinary features. Although he had manufactured his first vehicle , a saloon car, already at the time, this was going to be his first attempt on the production of a four wheel drive.

It is interesting to know that this first attempt of the Star of Africa, resulted in the birth of Kantanka Onantefo I, a gorgeous and classic vehicle. The amazing issue is how a first experiment at such complex technology proved so splendid.

One would have expected a series of unsuccessful trials before he finally succeed in the venture.  However, once again the genius  demonstrated  that his technological powers  transcend beyond expectations.

In most parts of the world where vehicles are manufactured, the various components s are usually obtained from different manufacturers and sometimes from different countries. But in this instance, the Apostle manufactured every part of the vehicle including the engine from scratch.


Before he completed the manufacturing of Kantanka Onantefo I, some critics had expected an immovable vehicle. They had what they called “factual and analytical points” to back their claims. The top most six of these included the following:

1. This is going to be the Apostle’s first time of manufacturing a four wheel drive and first attempts are usually unsuccessful.

2. If the countries which have been in the automobile industry for decades were assembling parts made from different companies then it would be impossible for the Apostle to successfully produce a moveable 4 wheel drive considering the fact that he intends to manufacture all parts from scratch without importing or purchasing them from different companies.

3. The Apostle did not have a manufacturing machine/plant to assist him and was going to manufacture the car manually

4. A butterfly is not a bird and a lizard is not a crocodile. Therefore a saloon car is not a four wheel drive. The fact that he had manually manufactured a saloon car from scratch in the past is not a guarantee that he can also manufacture a four wheel drive from scratch.

5. There are no examples in the country for him to follow or guide him.

6. He is not recruiting experts overseas to support him but using Ghanaians who do not have any background knowledge in the manufacturing of four wheel drives although he “claims” to have trained them and have confidence in the knowledge he has imparted on them.

Counter Arguments

While some were against the idea that the Apostle would be successful, some thought otherwise. Their reasons were as follows:

1. Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo had successfully manufactured a saloon car from start to finish without purchasing any parts from any company so it would be possible for him to manufacture a 4 wheel drive by the same process.

2. Apostle Dr Safo had successfully manufactured different types and varieties of machines and gadgets  without any examples to guide him so the same will apply to the 4 wheel drive.

3. He used his trained men in the manufacture of the saloon car and other machines/gadgets and was successful so he does not need to bring in any “expert”  overseas.

4. The Saloon car, like most of his machines, was also his first attempt and was successful so the idea that first attempts are usually not successful does not apply in this instance

5. All his machines and gadgets so far were manually produced by him so the 4 wheel drive can be done likewise.

6. The same arguments were raised by the critics during the manufacture of the saloon car and other machines but he proved them wrong.  The critics should revise their notes!

The Answer

These raging debates continued for months until the Apostle ended it all; he had not only manufactured a 4 wheel drive capable of locomoting but a cross country 4-wheel vehicle that speaks Twi (a widely spoken Ghanaian language).

On ignition, the car speaks to alert the driver to check its water, fuel, oil, brake fluid and tyres and wishes him safe journey. When it is in reversing mode, it also speaks to warm pedestrians.

Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo Kantanka named the vehicle Kantanka Onantefo. Onantefo is a Twi word which means “Walker.”  The vehicle is able to ‘walk’ its way through the most formidable places, hilly areas , high lands and rough roads.

Kantanka Onantefo was greeted with cheers and applause across the country , in all regions it visited.


During the manufacturing process, some Ghanaians visited the Apostle to witness the progress of his works. They were so motivated and happy that their fellow Ghanaian was doing such great works.

It is also worthy to mention that some of the critics had constantly and on daily basis visited the Apostle at his technology centre to ensure that he builds the car from scratch as promised and also do not bring in “experts”.

At the end of hard work, Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo delivered beyond expectations. Even the famous brands confirmed, the product is a force to reckon with. All in all, the Star of Africa had proved his critics wrong once again.

On the exhibition day however, i.e. during the Kristo Asafo annual technology exhibition, something interesting happened.  One of the critics still wanted to find faults with car. The man had visited the Apostle at his centre on daily basis, and knew how the car was made, but wanted to raise a controversial question all the same. The only question he could ask therefore was “were the rubber flowers also made by the Apostle?” This drew laughter among the close dignitaries who heard him.

Apostle Dr Safo had used rubber flowers to decorate some exterior portions of the car (e.g. the grille and spur tyre) for exhibition purposes. The critic himself was laughing out loud, knowing well that his question is not a valid one.


The mind of the African is at its peak. Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo Kantanka is undoubtedly the technological hope of Africa. With the installation of his assembly plant, more vehicles and ingenuity awaits us all. The era of darkness is gone!

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  1. It is just surprising when you hear the huge sums of money our government spend on some things which they claim they do because they have the welfare of the people at heart, i ask myself, when are we going to wake up from this slumber and stop deceiving our selves? Let us wake up brothers and do the right thing because it is in our power to do it. Lets support Dr. Safo Kantanka for he is the torch bearer of Africa’s hope.

  2. That is a great development and the entire nation must turn to that. A way forward for GHANA!

  3. Hats off for our hero Apostle Kantanka Safo our Star of Africa for his exceptional performance in the invention industry here in Africa. Our God has proved to us that it can also be done here in Africa. Let our African leaders also put their support in this venture to help build Africa. Potential area in terms of resources have not been tapped due to our leaders’ lack of ideas and the ignorant populace endorsing them into power. We have large area of Afar region in Ethiopia with geothermal potential yet we do not have enough electric power in Africa while our African kings converge in regional meeting to discuss on to boost their political agendas and impunity, and have never noticed this wealth lying idle.Bravo Mr Apostle Asafo.

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