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Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo

Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo

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Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo, popularly known as the star of Africa was born on the 26th of August, 1948. He attended the Ghana Technical Works Institute in Kumasi after his basic school. He had three years training as a welder with the Volta Aluminium Company (VALCO).

Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo, a patriotic African, and a strong believer in the creation of wealth within the borders of his country rather than relying on foreign assistance has hard work and perseverance as his most cherished words. According to him “the Black Man is capable of manning his own affairs” – his usual words of encouragement.

He founded his church, Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana, on 3rd February, 1971. Forty-two years of propagating the gospel, Kristo Asafo has embarked on enormous contribution to society.

Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo is a special Man of God who preaches the gospel and performs miracles within and outside the congregation of his church.

He became more involved in philanthropy and contribution to charity from his youthful days and the very onset of Kristo Asafo. He has carried out the largest philanthropic activity in Ghana.

He single-handedly fed most of the stranded Ghanaian returnees from Nigeria in 1983, amidst bush fire and famine that ravaged the country at that time. He also fed Refugees from Liberia for months in 1989. His huge donations to the University of Ghana towards the building of hostel facilities and other infrastructure will forever remain in the minds of Ghanaians.

In addition to these, he has also made enormous donations in both cash and kind to Rehabilitation Centres, Social Welfare Centres, Prisons, Children’s Homes, Schools and other institutions throughout the country, and, of course recent years have not been an exception.

He is also referred to as the father of the needy. He organises annual parties for the physically challenged across the length and breath of the country and distributes food, drinks, cloth (kente), tricycle and huge sums of money to them as capital to start trade.

Despite his philanthropy and service to the needy in society, he keeps reminding his congregation that, “miracle is not my

mission”. His mission is to empower black Africa through the application of appropriate technology and innovative science and to uplift the sunken image of Africa. For Him, there is no greatness without the passion to be great.

Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo and his Kristo Asafo have gained popularity in the technology industry in Ghana and Africa. As a humble beginner, he began with the manufacture of electric drums with brain units, loud speakers, professional mixing console, pre-amplifiers and seven-stringed base guitar – due to his gusto for music.

He progressively moved to the manufacture of sewing and embroidery machines as well as mobile multi-purpose block moulding machine capable of producing 16-18 blocks at a time.

In his quest to promote technology in Ghana and Africa as a whole, he manufactured his first automobile Kantanka saloon car in 1998 and launched a 4-wheel drive, ‘Kantanka Onantefo’ in 2006. As a multi-purposed inventor, he has a variety of inventions to his credit. Among these are normal items which have extraordinary features.

They include 26” flat screen coloured television powered by a clap and turned off by a wave, air conditioners powered by human breadth and turned off by a wave, set of curtains opened automatically by clap and closed by same, automatic coded door opened by knock, and a water closet which automatically flushes once the user is done and many more. Visit Kanatanka Products on this website to know more

He leapfrogged from producing saloon vehicle to producing a 26 feet long limousine styled Kantanka Obrempon I which was launched at the church’s 27th Annual Charity & Technology Fair at Awoshie in Accra, Ghana.

He in the same year outdoored kantanka excavator. He afterwards launched a prototype rocket, a wooden robot and a prototype armour car all in 2010.

In recent times, His activities which surpass charity are beyond the comprehension of ordinary minds. He, in 2012, launched a 4X4 type vehicle, “Kantanka Nsoromma” which was powered by a shirt to be worn by the driver.

In the same year, he outdoored a 4X4 type vehicle, “Kantanka Daasebre”, also powered and steering-controlled by a wrist watch.

Side view of Kantanka Daasbre

Side view of Kantanka Daasbre

In the same year he described as year of victory, he outdoored a solar-powered non-engine saloon car, “Kantanka Odeneho”. 

In that very year he manufactured a robot capable of responding to programmed commands, a prototype rocket, a missile launcher, wooden incubator and a prototype armour car.

A quick glimpse of a fraction of the equipment/automobiles he has manufactured include but not limited to :

electronic drums with brain units, corn mills, farm ploughs, harvesters, money counterfeit detectors, automated water closets, automated driers, automated taps, electronic guitars, automatic and talking doors, air conditioners,

medical robots, industrial robots, armoured cars, missile launchers, rockets,

aircrafts, car engines, limousines, four wheel drives, saloon car, electronic voltage stabilizers, welding machines, block moulding machine, audio-visual CCTV cameras, home theatres, human sensor televisions, remote controls ( made of wood),

Kantanka jet

Kantanka jet

radio sets, radio console and other broadcasting equipment, generators, computers, car remote controlled wrist watches, car remote controlled shirts, engine-less car, electronic advertising boards,

weed slashers, street sweeper and garbage collector, automatic change over switches, bulb tape razor( CD/DVD cleaning kit),alternator, Magic lock,  Bass guitar with seven strings ( the first of its kind in the world), amplifier & combo,  wireless microphones, wireless speakers etc. For pictures and videos of some of his inventions, click here

His good works and kind gestures have earned him awards from governments and countless institutions. These include but not limited to

  • Liberian Golden Image Award for contribution to humanity and towards peace for the people – 2012 
  • The Order of the Volta (Member Division) in 2007 
  • The Millennium Excellence Award, Best Philanthropist in the Humanitarian Category in 2006 
    Liberian National Secretariat Golden Image Award given to Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo

    Liberian National Secretariat Golden Image Award given to Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo

  • He was appointed Member of the National Council for Tertiary Education in 2006 
  • Associate Member of the Ghana Institute of Engineers in 2004
  • The Industrial Pinnacle Award, Winner of Gold in Industrial Development Engineering in 2004
  • The Industrial Pinnacle Award, Winner of Platinum Service to Humanity in 2004
  • The Industrial Pinnacle Award, Winner of Platinum in the Agric and Food Production Category in 2004
  • State Honor, Grand Medal (GM) Civil Division for Exemplary Leadership, Technology Ingenuity and Deep Concern for the Deprived in Society in 2000
  • Charted Institute of Marketing, Special Award in Marketing Agricultural and
  • Technological Skills through the Youth in 1999
  • Honorary Doctor of Law Degree from the University of Ghana in 1999.