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September Edition: Beyond Technology, Apostle Dr. SAFO’s Vision of Africa tomorrow

African Star (2)From all indications, Apostle Dr. Safo, the Star and technological hope of Africa, has a great vision for the continent.

This article will dissect the principles of this fact as well as his proposition to curb the massacre of Car Accidents in Africa and the world at large.

According to the International Organisation for Road Accident Prevention, there are 3,500 deaths a day or 150 every hour from motor accidents, and nearly three people get killed on the road every minute.

This is just an estimate of the countless lives lost daily to the rising waves of car accidents. As if that is not enough, W.H.O (World Health Organisation) predicts that if the current occurrences continue, the number of traffic fatalities worldwide will rise by 67 percent over the period of 2000 to 2020.

This will see 68 percent in the Middle East and North African regions and a whopping 83 percent increase of casualties in middle to low-income countries (mostly found in Africa).

Thus Road Safety does not qualify to be an issue swept under the carpet. It is an immediate threat and must be treated as such since the statistics are not in favour of human lives.

On one sunny day in 2006, a few kilometers away from the Winneba junction of Central Region Ghana, Apostle Dr. Safo and a few dignitaries had surrounded small electrified plastic cars’ setup. The gathering at the Apostle Safo Suaye Technological Centre was made up of influential politicians, Bank Managers, the Secretary of the Kristo Asafo mission and a host of other important national personnel.

The small prototype vehicles powered by electricity run on a wooden Cloverleaf Interchange system with mini-traffic lights at various points. As the Star of Africa demonstrated, the electric cars began simultaneous movement across the simulated road. The colourful and genius array of technology saw the vehicles stop at every Red Traffic light signal and automatic movement at green lights.

Despite the use of electrical power, the setup was basically harmless as the electricity was being streamlined through plastic.

One may ask what any of this has to do with the initial rates of motor accidents indicated above. Well, this set up developed by Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo, African Star, has shown to shown to policy-makers of the land his theory of Automatic Vehicle Response to Traffic Signals. Simply put, either one steps on the brakes of a car at Red Lights or not, the car will come to a stop on its own.

Unfortunately, it appears the stakeholders and authorities are still contemplating whether to give him a road system to start a premier test. Statistics show more than 90 percent of road accidents are caused by human error. The logic behind this experiment is simple.

The African Star’s theory is to simply tune the car to obey traffic signals no matter how competent the driver may be. Accidents due to human error cannot be afforded at any cost, thus in its own way, this system will save lives! Apostle Dr. Safo also made the setup to demonstrate the possibilities of a real remote-controlled vehicle.

Unfortunately, the value given to legends of our continent is sad and pathetic. Apostle Dr. Safo is a rare gem that this generation should cherish. His creativity and resourcefulness is unprecedented.

It is wonderful to see one man with no formal education manufacture absolute efficient machines and devices of every kind and even invent more (inborn ingenuity and creativity at its peak). Nowhere in world has one person manufactured myriad of electronics and automobiles.

How come that this man is able to manufacture on his own TV sets, cars, Air-Conditioners, talking robots , electronic music instruments, Equalizer Boards, rockets, airplanes and more. Where does all these knowledge come from? And how come he understands all these fields such as herbal medicine, engineering, wood works, electronics, electrical, foundry among many others.

For years, Africans have complained about the great exportation of human resources to Western shores during the slavery. The populace of the continent has been more than willing to blame the brain drain on greedy imperialists.

However, another great man has been born right here so what are we doing?

Many ask why most people and reputable institutions (including this magazine) hail this single individual as the Star Of Africa? Only a man like Apostle Dr. Safo shines in this period of African darkness when ingenuity is unappreciated.

Only a Man of God as such gives free training to 550 students from universities, polytechnics and Senior High Schools across the country in his own established Technology Center. These are not the works of a desperate man for money. These are the works of one of the greatest patriots of our time whose constant efforts gear only toward redeeming his people.

What drives such a man? The Apostle explains….

“One may ask why I am always so serious with what I do. I came to redeem you (Africans) from slavery. When Jesus Christ came to the world, he rescued people from their troubles. When Moses came, he rescued the Israelites. So anyone who calls himself man of God redeems people from distress, he does not burden them. Poverty exists, but if you make a conscious effort you will overpower it. If you are (truly) great, feed the hungry. If you are in a big position, help make the needy happy. This is my mission… Technology began in Africa. I would continue this (the mission) till I form an alliance with Tertiary Institution schools and all the necessary bodies, for the young ones to learn. This is because when I see the poor children (sitting and) selling water on the streets, I become discomforted. These are our future leaders!! In doing this, you have undermined the child’s life. What does he or she have to depend on when he grows? I am still the Star of Africa. Whatever we have to do to bridge the gap (developmental gap), so far as I am alive, we will do exactly that.”

True to his word, the Star Of Africa hardly rests. Switching between his workplace at Gomoa Mpota of Central Region Ghana and Taifa (his place of residence in Greater Accra Region), may take quite tolls of energy from the Star. Ironically though, motivated by his purpose, the man grows stronger with each new project and more dedicated.

Martin Luther King, a renowned human rights activist, once remarked “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Apostle Dr. Safo lives and still works alone with his workers in a smaller part of Ghana’s Central Region.

For more than two decades, he has continuously appealed for help in completing his quest. The silent treatment is not taking the continent any further. Rather we have chosen to depreciate the little that we have in our economic coffers.

Research shows that Africa loses more than $148 billion dollars (about 25% of its GDP) to corruption every year. Could we not gear this much money into a venture as technology, a business that could multiply this account?

Africa is not poor financially, it is the way we see things. If you care to read the history of the continent, you will notice that almost all the great African men like Apostle Dr. Safo who attempted African redemption in their various ways were opposed by indigenous factors. Let us not repeat this.

Africa is lucky to have men such as Apostle Dr. Safo, who on daily basis, battles to create Africa’s perfection of the future. As the Holy Christian Book wisely puts “”Where there is no vision the people perish.”  (Proverbs 29:18)

Let’s support Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo for a better Africa.


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  1. Indeed you are a great man who has vision. to redeem the image of Africa is your mission. We thank U, Apostle Safo.

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