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October Edition: Apostle Dr. Safo’s Kantanka Fm…The discerning voice of African Technology

Apostle Dr. Kwadwo SafoDespite the leading and visual influences of television, radio reaches more of the African populace especially in the sub-Saharan territory.

The facts agree that while one may need a backing income to acquire a television set in most cases; wireless radio is far cheaper; hence within closer range of the average African.

The year was 2007 when a sudden frenzy of music hit interior Ghana. Most bars in town, homes and all kinds of public places had turned their radio dials to the new radio station, “the talk of town”. Those who cared to ask, did not end up really surprised.

Indeed only one man could produce such true sound quality. Apostle Safo’s Kantanka FM studios broadcast and still does on 94.2 MHz. As listeners were reminded continuously by jingles in local dialect, “Asem beba dabi”, which only meant the best were yet to come.

As to why the Apostle ventured into this branch of technological communications, none but him will know best.

Seated in the studios at Gomoa Mpota, Apostle Safo begun his explanations with his usual pan-African headlines. “The African is also capable of manufacturing any technological device or machine. Ignorance of this fact has been the major discouragement of Africans to date.”

He continued, “Without further ado, allow me to explain how this whole setup came about. It begins with the technical drawings and plans on a white board, as designed by myself. The symbols and markings on the board show the transistors we want to build and the workers are taught here every day how to go about the next stage of work. Basically, we make every implement here ourselves, even the “motherboard” of operations(Simply put, this is the brain of the machine). I literally sit and plan what my objectives are in the next manufacture. Then, I think of the components I’d have to combine (just like different ingredients for making soup) to attain my desired result. This is indigenous Ghanaian, African Technology! I am offering the world a taste of Rich African Technology; so (this continent) should support me and our lives will never be the same. Till then I will never give up. God bless Ghana! God bless the whole Africa!!”

For days, the young men and women of the Apostle Safo Suaye Technology Research Centre under the Star of Africa’s guidance worked feverishly to further production.

Cases of amplifies and mixers for the Kantanka FM studios were among the first items designed. Despite any challenges faced, Dr. Safo urged them on with his motivational talk on “Can-Do” spirit and his self-participation in the entire procedure.

Wood-carving, labeling (this is done in local Akan language), spraying, branding “Kantanka” trademark, etc continued as planned. The beautiful bond and dedication of the workers reflected in the final artifacts. In the end, they had come up with the Kantanka 2500 Professional Amplifier, Kantanka 10 Band Graphic Equalizer and the major console, the Kantanka 24 Channel Mixer.

The Star of Africa spun his ingenuity on the console industry again by making sure his mixer/console had two built-in dials for phone calls.

Almost all the FM stations as at that time (and even today), made calls by using two or more regular phones in the studios. This got very tedious especially during multiple interviews.

Dr. Safo’s console had not one but two whole avenues of making phone calls via the same console with additional loudspeaker features. Wonderful!

Visitors poured in from across the length and breadth of the country to witness the revolution going on at Apostle Safo’s Suaye Technology Research Centre.

Among them were three media men from one of Ghana’s most renowned FM stations, Peace FM. These guests (Morning show producers), were shown around the site of operations by the Star Of Africa himself.

Jerry, first of the three, was basically speechless and confessed he still ca not comprehend the amazing things he had just seen.

Kwadwo Preku Dankwah (his colleague) had this to say; “I have never seen an FM console with phone dials before. I am very happy. This is quite unique. I have realized now that the imperialists are not so scary after all. If this man can make his own Home Theatre, Console and entire FM system, I think it’s something we should laud. One thing also is that, His staff consists of no mean people but students from our respected tertiary institutions. This gives the institution a good name. I am very happy indeed”

“I am really in shock. If I was to keep coming here, I am sure my questions would multiply. What we have seen here upon visit , even outweighs the marvel about Apostle we hear in the media. There are some things here people are yet to be aware of. Our father here is giving Africans confidence. My fellow producers and I know the trouble we go through trying to get through calls, (Gestures) One phone here, and another there. With the Kantanka Console, all you need is dial easily. If technology has arrived at this instant, why don’t we the local stations order/use this device and gain the full confidence (of communications)…”                          – Kwasi Acquah , Morning Show Producer, Peace FM

Kantanka FM initiated experimental broadcast as far back as 2007. The studios hosted the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning at that time, the late Hon. Kwadwo Baah Wiredu. When asked of his impressions, he declared “ All I have seen here today lead to national progress. After witnessing the vehicle department, electronics, construction and even animal husbandry, I have confidence that self-production of technology can occur here in Ghana. What I would personally suggest is that we never give up (with our good deeds) so we go forward”

Sekyi Hughes, Speaker of Ghana Parliament (2005-2009) commenting live at Kantanka fm during the Kristo Asafo annual Technology exhibition

Sekyi Hughes, Speaker of Ghana Parliament (2005-2009) commenting live at Kantanka Fm during the Kristo Asafo annual Technology exhibition

At His Annual Charity and Technology Exhibition show that year, Apostle Safo outdoored his Kantanka Fm project. Commenting live at Awoshie, Accra, Hon. S. K Boafo, Ashanti Regional Minister remarked “No government can develop without Technology and the handiworks of the people. This is a God-given dream.”

Till date, the occasion remains a platform for all kinds of promises. Many politicians have failed to realize the true purpose of Apostle’s Technology expo.

Africa Redemption Magazine asks:

When will there be positive action?

When will it be soon enough for our leaders to know Apostle Safo’s actions are the key to unlocking Africa’s economic oppression?

Good questions, sadly few care to answer.

Thus the struggle continues. Still sounding the Africa Re-awake drums.

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