Today: January 18, 2018
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Non-engine vehicle – a dream come true: Honourable Oteng Agyei

Kantanka Odeneho II : it is a four seater saloon car that does not have engine. It is powered by rechargeable batteries.

Kantanka Odeneho II : it is a four seater saloon car that does not have engine. It is powered by rechargeable batteries.

“In 1983 when I was a lecturer at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, a committee was set to research and produce a fueless non-engine vehicle but we toiled in vain”, so remarks the Honourable Minister of state for Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, Hon. Dr. Joe Oteng Agyei.

In his address as the special guest of honour at the 33rd annual technology exhibition of the Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana, he said, the Kristo Asafo Mission does not take only the spiritual aspect of the society but also the socio-economic well-being of the society. Among the many exhibits displayed at the function was the Kantanka Odeneho II, a non-engine fueless 4×4 sport utility vehicle(SUV) powered by a series of accumulators with in-built electronic circuits.

According to him, the programme served as a great forum for honouring and celebrating science and technology which is the only tool for the development of the nation. He agreed to the quote of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah – “socialism without science is void” – and to his amazement at the sight of the car, he promised to embark on a special visit to Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo, not in the capacity as a minister of state but in the capacity as an electrical engineer.

The honourable minister assured Ghanaians of government’s commitment to improve science and technology and disclosed

Bonnet of Kantanka Odeneho II, showing the rechargeable car bateries

Bonnet of Kantanka Odeneho II, showing the rechargeable car bateries

the establishment of a fund by government to support innovators, scientist and key players of the scientific ecosystem. TiGH is making follow-ups on the veracity of this statement and the nitty-gritty of it will be made available to its readers.

To him seeing the car was a dream come true because, the fueless non-engine car which was a mirage to scholars on the committee has now become a reality.

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  1. I highly recommend Apostle Dr. Safo Kankanka for his innovative, design, and research in Science and Technology. It is time to exhibit his latest Electric Powered Engine Car at International Automobile Exhibition to showcase his invention to the world. Bravo!

  2. These are the kind of investments and businesses government should push the hard earned tax payers money into not the Guinea fowl and gyeeda projects which ended in private pockets.

  3. we can go to hell, for all they care . if they invest our tax in him how are they going to get their 50% kick back? this politrictions are they real incanation of satan him self

  4. Our leaders only speak about partnership with overseas companies. What they promote is dumping of overseas goods and services. Apostile do not loose hope in Ghana for you have the backing of the wise youth in the Ghanaian porpulation. I will be among th first buyers of your cars if the commemercialization start in May this year.The Ghanaian youths are to stop this dumping by overseas companies in Ghana by buying your products. With or without the leaders suport stand firm and know that you have the suport of the Ghanaian youth and we are the future so you have the suport of the future Ghanaian leaders.

  5. May the Almighty JAH BLESS you n give you u long life on the surface of the earth, YOU nd ur entire family, workers and students more ideas to invent more powerful n mind blowing SAFONOLOGY (technology) never seen nor heardof on these planet earth. which will be able to develop Africa as a whole not only Ghana so that the people from the Western World n all over the earth(GLOBE) would see that “TRUE INDEED CIVILIZATION STARTED IN AFRIKA”. we the youth and people of Ghana are proudly proud and happy to have have some1 like u in these our generation u are the re incanation of our ancestors n gods who died many centuries ago. Dr. Safo kantanka Odeneho Okatakyie Obrempong w3 nimm ni w3 kyi obibiaa ni h) otis3wo. we say we LOVE u and may u LIVE LONG to see thousand and one centuries the people of we at home (Africa) and those at abroad say AYEEKOOO AKWABA W) Z) LOO U’RE WELCOME. if u are in feel comfortable cos u’re welcome in our heart n in Africa. Dont say technology say “SAFONOLOGY” Jah Bless u and Guide u we pray 4 u. Holy immanuel i Selassie i Jah Rastanear i.

  6. i love the good work Apostle is doing, i pray that God grant him long life and also get the support of the much will that car cost when commencial starts?


  8. wish i can have one of this,cute,small engine-less car. this man is the future,. these are the people the government need to support.

  9. This is the greatest ever in existence a without fuel and engine, oh my God is great “say oh yessss” cos weather government or no government, ghana will move forward by the power of SAFONOLOGY

  10. bravo apostle, ghanaians want to know where we can patronize your products and stuffs

  11. Its quite so amazing to see a true Ghanaian with such God-given brains to invent these wonderful range of sophiscated machines.what are the so called politicians and big men doing including our doctors and professors who can not even invent pins and needles.i personally had the chance to witness his inventions at the production site FOUR years ago and was so long will we AFRICANS sit aloof without producing anything but enjoy manufactured products from the white man?are they better than we BLACKS?Never not at all.we live to see better days ahead so may we all emulate Doc and contribute our quota to the development of our great nation Ghana and Africa as a whole:God help us please

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