Today: January 18, 2018
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Where does the moon rises from – Laughing Corner

Laughing corner. Laugh is the best medicine

Laughing corner.
Laugh is the best medicine

Two students were given an assignment to find out where the sun rises from (i.e. whether from the east or west). The next morning on their way to school, they remembered that they had not answered the assignment. Fearing that their teacher would punish them, they decided to ask the first person they see.

The road they were using was not a busy road and the possibility of meeting someone was low. Fortunately they saw a man reading a newspaper approaching them and at once they raised their hands into the air and began to cheer up.

Children: Good morning sir, please where does the sun rises from?

Man: mm…….mmm…………I think……mmmm. You know what; I’m not from this area so you can ask those in the next house. 


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