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List of some inventions of Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo

All machines/equipment in this list were manually made by Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo in Ghana using local materials .


*Kantanka Onantefo III – From Kantanka Assembly plant

* Kantanka Pickup – From Kantanka Assembly plant

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1Kantanka Helicopter EngineThis is the engine that powers the KTK 02 defensive helicopter
2Kantanka Jet EngineThis is the engine that powers the Kantanka Jet
3Kantanka aircraft engine II
This is the engine that powers the Kantanka Passenger Airplane
4Kantanka Petrol Engines These engines power the Kantanka cars that uses petrol. They are different types for different vehicles
5Kantanka Diesel EngineThese engines power the Kantanka cars that uses diesel. They are different types for different vehicles
6Kantanka 4 Cylinder EnginesThese are engines with 4 cylinders. Like all other Kantanka engines, they have soft sound and has been tested and passed.
7Kantanka 6 Cylinder EnginesThese are engines with 6 cylinders. They have soft sound and have been tested and passed.
8Kantanka V8 EnginesThese engines have eight cylinders mounted on the crankcase in two banks of four cylinders set at a right angle to each other but at a narrower angle with all the eight pistons driving a common crankshaft.
9Kantanka Wooden EngineThis engine is made of wood. It shows clearly how the internal parts of an engine work. It is used for training students
10Kantanka Tractor enginesThese are the engines that power the Kantanka Tractors
11Kantanka Saloon carThis is the first car manufactured by Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo in 1998.
12Kantanka Odeneho IThis is a non-engine saloon car manufactured and outdoor in the year 2012. The name designates the vehicle's function and make-up. In the Akan language, "Odeneho" literally means independent, therefore the car does not rely on a combustion engine to move, but an electric motor powered by rechargeable batteries. The batteries can be recharged with either electricity or solar. It is a two seater car. It speaks to warn pedestrians when it is in the reverse gear.
13Kantanka Odeneho IIThis five seater electric car saves energy and releases “zero” greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It uses no fuel and has no internal combustion engine, a big step forward to reduce global warming and other respiratory diseases. It is powered by 12 rechargeable batteries. Each battery has a life span of over four years. As you drive the car on the road, it absorbs the energy from the sun and recharges the batteries.
However, the car can also be recharged with electricity.
Unlike other electric cars, Kantanka Odeneho II is built on user friendly technology making it easy to be recharged with electricity. It does not require any complex set-up for recharging, just plug it in any socket (like you plug an electric iron or any household appliance) and bingo, the car starts recharging.

One unique feature about the vehicle is that, all the 12 batteries do not work at the same time. There is a power changeover created for the batteries making them to last even longer. This extra-ordinary feature also makes it possible to drive for longer hours without recharging the vehicle.

Another amazing feature about the Kantanka Odeneho II is its security set-up. It has an in-built Kantanka CCTV which reveals what is happening on the road 50 metres ahead and displays it on the Kantanka mini monitor.
It also has a navigation system that works with android.

Like all Kantanka automobiles, Kantanka Odeneho II voices in spoken words to alert pedestrians when reversing to prevent unforeseen accidents.

The seats of the car are designed with Kente prints (Ghanaian traditional cloth) with Kantanka labellings to project the African values and acknowledge its African roots.
14Kantanka Onantefo IThis is the first four wheel drive manufactured by Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo in 2006. It also speaks to warn pedestrians when it is in the reverse gear.
15Kantanka Onantefo IIThis is an updated version of Kantanka Onantefo I. It also speaks to warn pedestrians when it is in the reverse gear.
16Kantanka Onantefo IIIThis is an updated version of Kantanka Onantefo II
17Kantanka OkuniniThis is also different model of the Kantanka cars. It has many security features. It also speaks to warn pedestrians when it is in the reverse gear.
18Kantanka DaasebreKantanka Daasebre is a four wheel drive powered by a 4.4 liter V6 Kantanka diesel engine. This 4*4 is started with Kantanka gold wrist watch. The steering wheels can also be controlled by the same watch. This security feature protects the car from theft among others.
Its explicit exterior features command on-road presence and demonstrate its authority.

Kantanka Daasebre has beautiful interior decorations, leather seat that provides comfortability, air filtration mechanism and automatic side screen closure at the switch of the air conditioner. It also has voluminous luggage capacity all built to the tune of African and Temperate conditions. It also speaks to warn pedestrians when it is in the reverse gear.
19Kantanka NsorommaKantanka Nsoromma is a four wheel drive powered by a 4.4 liter V6 Kantanka diesel engine® that provides the class-leading performance. It has a special ignition mechanism that has stoked up fear in other car manufacturers – the KANTANKA SHIRT-IGNITION®.

This feature works in a presto by simply placing the palm on the chest. In order words, all that is needed to start the car is to place your palm on your chest.
This feature will help curb car snatching which is the cry of most drivers and owners since the shirt ignition can also cause a gradual engine immobilization wherever the vehicle may be by the same mechanism defining the advantage of confidence and security of Kantanka on or off-road. The Kantanka Nsoromma is an invention the Star of Africa described as an exhibition of God given powers.

Its explicit exterior features command on-road presence and demonstrate its authority. Kantanka Nsoromma has beautiful interior decorations, leather seat that provides comfortability, air filtration mechanism and automatic side screen closure at the switch of the air conditioner. It also has voluminous luggage capacity all built to the tune of African and Temperate conditions.

Kantanka Nsoromma with its sophisticated technology gives it a competitive edge over other vehicles. With the support of government and corporate bodies, the Blackman technology will wave a magic hand in this world of technology. It also speaks to warn pedestrians when it is in the reverse gear.
20Kantanka OmamaThis is a different model of the Kantanka cars. It has many security features. It also speaks to warn pedestrians when it is in the reverse gear.
21Kantanka OtumfoThis is a 4×4 vehicle powered by a Kantanka V8 engine. The vehicle is ignited by pointing a walking stick at it. The underlying ideology for manufacturing this car is based on the book of Exodus. Moses pointed a walking stick on the red sea and the sea split into two. In the same way, when you point a walking stick at the car, it starts. It also have the normal key system for consumer preference. It also speaks to warn pedestrians when it is in the reverse gear.
22Kantanka PickupLike all Kantanka vehicles, the Kantanka Pickup is Strong and has versatile and indestructible chassis. It has high performance and built on Kantanka intelligence technology. Good for personal and corporate use.
23Kantanka Obrempong IThis was the first limousine manufactured by Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo. It has a television screen for viewing any programme of your choice. The Screen can be converted into a computer monitor by the touch of a button. Below the screen is the keyboard to input data and perform analysis.

You can write your articles, business letters, perform calculations and other functions that can be done on a desktop or laptop computer. There is also a section for serving and drinking wine. The Kantanka Obrempong I is basically a mobile home. It also speaks to warn pedestrians when it is in the reverse gear.
24Kantanka Obrempong IIThis is an upgrade of Kantanka Obrempong I. Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo uses this limousine himself. The driver of the limousine can see as far as 200m ahead and behind him with the in-built high sensitive long distance viewer, the Kantanka CCTV camera.

It has other amazing security features. When the door of the car is opened, steps emerge underneath the limousine to help you board it. Manufactured in 2009. It also speaks to warn pedestrians when it is in the reverse gear.
25Kantanka JetThis is a four passenger air-conditioned aircraft
26Kantanka RocketsThe Kantanka Rocket is powerful and light weight machine. It is capable of generating large accelerations and attaining extremely high speeds.
27KTK AirplaneThis is a passenger airliner. Like the Kantanka jet, it is also four seater.
28KTK 02 HelicopterThis a defensive helicopter armed with Missiles
29Kantanka Time BombsThe Kantanka Bombs are the most disguised high energy explosives from Africa. They look like harmless soccer balls making it difficult for targets to notice or escape. The time bombs explode at the set time. They are not revolutionary but for national defence, peace keeping missions and other military exercises.
30Kantanka Armoured carsThis is a military vehicle capable of throwing bombs and missiles. It has the ability to revolve 360 degrees meaning it can fire the missile in any direction. The operator inside the car can not be seen but he sees his entire environment and beyond with the in-built Kantanka CCTV.

This car is important for the army and can contribute successfully to national defence. The purpose of this car is not revolutionary, but for maintenance of security, national defence and peace-keeping missions.
31Kantanka MissilesThese are high energy military weapons. These weapons are not revolutionary but for national defense and other national military assignments such as peacekeeping.
32Kantanka Missile launcher IThis is a stationary missile launcher
33Kantanka Missile launcher IIThis is a mobile missile launcher capable of firing missiles in any direction due to its ability to revolve 360 degrees
34Kantanka BazookaA powerful and portable tube shaped military weapon that launches missiles which can disable tanks (armoured military vehicles). This weapon is not revolutionary but for national defence, peace keeping missions and other military exercises.
35Great KOSA Grinding mills (corn/maize mills)The Great KOSA grinding mill is used for breaking down grains into smaller particles or powder depending on the settings applied by the operator. It is ideal for grinding corn/maize, millet, groundnut, beans, sorghum etc. It is made of high quality metals making it long lasting. It is also fast and energy efficient making you save large sums of money on electricity bills.
36Kantanka Combined HarvestersThis machine makes farming less stressful and enjoyable. It handles effectively all the phases of harvesting namely reaping, threshing and winnowing. As it moves through the farm, it cuts and gathers the ripe crops. It then proceeds to loosen the edible portions of the crop (grains) from the chaff (husks, straw etc). After this, it separates the grains from the chaff.

The speed at which the Kantanka Combined harvester does the processes above is an eye saw - tremendous. The Kantanka Combined harvester can harvest crops from hectares of land at a relatively shorter time frame.
With the combination of the Kantanka farm tools, more food can be cultivated and harvested with ease and on a wider scale to feed the nation.
37Kantanka Husk ShellersThis machine is capable of shelling maize, beans, groundnuts etc
38Kantanka Weed slashersThis machine is used for slashing down weeds. Instead of using weedicide to kill the weeds on the farm which will lead to poisoning of the land, why don't you use the Kantanka Weed Slasher. It is made of high quality materials and works at great speed
39Kantanka Animal Reproductive Boost TechnologyApostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo uses plant extracts to boost the reproductive potential of rabbits. Rabbits that previously gave birth to 4 kittens now gave birth to 15 kittens after they were infused with these plants extract. The plants extracts are obtain from leaves, stems, roots, seeds and fruits of plants. Some of the plants used are vegetables example onion.

Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo has extended the research to larger animals like sheep, goats, cattle etc.
It has been proven that the plant extracts administered to the rabbits do not have any negative effect on the health and meat quality of the rabbits. The kittens reproduced are also strong and healthy.

This technique would help produce enough meat to feed the nation and drastically cut down the importation of these foods into the country.
40Kantanka Farm PloughsThey are used for preparing the soil for sowing/planting. They bring fresh nutrients to the surface of the soil by turning over the upper layer. They also bury the weeds and the remains of previous crops allowing them to decompose (this further enriches the soil).

The Kantanka Farm ploughs are very strong making it possible to plough hectares of land without breakage. This feature helps the farmer to save time and money of replacing broken parts. They come in various types.
41Kantanka Electric Incubator IThis is the first incubator made by Apostle Dr Safo. It is used for hatching eggs. Like most of his products, this electric incubator is made of wood. It is therefore environmentally friendly. This incubator is however not automatic, it is manual.
42Kantanka Electric Incubator IIThis is an upgraded version of the Kantanka incubator I. It is automatic, energy efficient and made of wood. Relax and concentrate on other vital issues of the farm whiles this incubator automatically and fully handles the hatching of your eggs.
43Kantanka Electric Incubator IIIThis is an upgraded version of the incubator. It has a 600 egg capacity. It is fully automated to carry out the hatching process from start to finish. Human interference is not needed meaning the poultry farmer can relax and spend time on other activities while the Kantanka Incubator III handles fully the hatching of the eggs. It has a standby power supply to support in the event of power outage.
It is also made of wood.

The Kantanka Incubator III is multipurpose so it can hatch different types of eggs. The type of egg determines the time needed for hatching e.g. for eggs of hens, the Kantanka electric incubator uses 21 days to hatch them whiles it uses 28 days ( maximum) to hatch those of guinea fowls and so on.

With the capacity of producing 600 chicks in less than 28 days, the Kantanka electric incubator can boost the poultry industry and cut down the importation of these foods into the country thereby saving the state lots of cost.
44Kantanka Block moulding machine,This is a mobile machine capable of moulding 16 to 18 blocks at a goal. It has high performance and works with great speed. It can be set to produce the desired size of blocks.
45Kantanka Brick Laying MachineDuring construction, the laying of bricks can be manually intensive. The Kantanka Brick Laying Machine eliminates this problem. It is built on advance technology. The whole design process considers the principle of integrative reconciliation and the internal structure of a rational order. The machine has great technical advantage including excitation, hydraulic discharge and omni-directional automatic movement. It is energy efficient and has great speed.
46Kantanka Roofing & wall Tiles Moulding MachinesThis machine is used for the moulding of roofing and wall tiles.
47Kantanka ExcavatorThe Kantanka Excavator is very strong, has high performance and it is long lasting. It is ideal for digging (trenches, holes, foundations etc), landscaping, handling of materials, demolition, heavy lifting (e.g. lifting and placing of pipes), mining, river dredging, etc.
48Kantanka TractorsFor Agricultural tasks and also construction works. Due to their high power, they can also be used for hauling. They have high performance and great strength
49Kantanka Flat Screen Clapping TelevisionThis is flat screen colour television. To switch on/off the television set, all you need to do is to clap twice. It has a 10 band Stereo Graphic Equalizer at the lower section of the TELEVISION for tuning sound.
A single clap changes the television channel whiles continuous clapping (depending on sound pitch) increases or decreases the volume.
Buttons for volume control, changing channels and suiting other option are available on the television for consumer preference. They come in different types e.g. 33 inch flat screen, 26 inch flat screen etc They are all made of wood.
50Kantanka Flat Screen Feelings TelevisionThis colour television is switch on/off by caressing lightly the sensitive edges of the television. It is made of wood.
51Kantanka Flat Screen Human sensor TelevisionThis is a flat screen colour television. It has a lustrous ash covering. Unlike other Brand of televisions, the lustrous cover of this television is made of neither plastic nor metal but wood (amazing). Aside the proven durability of the television, it has an in-built equalizer.

The ideology and craft of making the television is based on the story of creation. According to the book of Genesis, God breathed into man and he became a living soul. To activate or switch on this television, all one needs to do is to breathe or blow air into it. Upon switching on, the brand name "KANTANKA" is boldly displayed for the consumer to acknowledge its African roots.

It has good lighting system and high picture quality for optimum consumer enjoyment. It does not cease to amaze since it has innovative features to establish a cordial relationship with every customer. After watching the Kantanka television, all a consumer has to do is wave "bye-bye" at the machine and it goes off.
52Kantanka Electronic drums (with brain units)The Kantanka electronic drums consist of a set of pads mounted on a stand. The arrangement of the pads on the stand is similar to that of the acoustic drum kit.
Each pad has a sensor. This sensor generates an electric signal when struck. The generated electric signal is then transmitted through cables into the Kantanka electronic module (brain) which serve as the central processing unit and sound module.

The Kantanka electronic module (brain) interprets the electric signal into sound. The sound produced depends on the pad struck. The Kantanka Electronic drum produces high quality digital sounds. The drumming sounds produced have the same feel and richness as the acoustic drum set.

Unlike other drums, the Kantanka electronic drum
1. produces several types of marvelous and joyous sounds (quick and easy to access)
2. produces no acoustic noise. It is highly recommended for churches, homes, stages etc.
3. produces sounds with the same quality and richness as that of acoustic drums.
4. is very compact making efficient use of available space. For this reason it can be used in very small studios and rooms.
5. does not require multiple microphone and pre-amplifiers and therefore saves you cost and energy.
6. is highly recommended for recording enthusiasts because it makes it easy to achieve professional sounding tracks.
53Kantanka electronic module (brain)This is a small central processing unit which converts electrical signals to sound or voice. This is a very important technological piece which plays a vital role in the functioning and performance of the Kantanka electronic drums.
54Kantanka Acoustic DrumsThey come in different types and forms.
55Kantanka Drumming stickThis is made of wood. It is carefully shaped to have a knob at one end. It is used to strike the electronic pads of the Kantanka drums to produce the desired sound. The drummer can decide to use either the knob or butt of the stick to drum. They are very durable.
56Kantanka Electronic guitarsThey come in different shapes and forms
Kantanka Acoustic DrumsThey come in different types and forms.
57Kantanka Professional mixing consoleThey come in different shapes and forms
58Kantanka Bass guitar with seven stringsThe first man in the world to invent a bass guitar with 7 strings is Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo. Manufactured in the 1970's
59Kantanka Home Theatre IIt is made of wood with a transparent glass covering the lateral side. It displays twinkled red and green light which spells "Kantanka" when powered on. It could be use to party at home since it produces quality booming sound. It also has an inbuilt equalizer
60Kantanka Home Theatre IIIt is also made of wood with a light bluish transparent glass covering the lateral side. When turned on, twinkled blue lights display at the edges of the theatre adding more magnificence to it. It has an inbuilt equalizer and produces high quality sound.
61Kantanka Radio TransmittersIt generates a radio frequency alternating current, which excites the antenna to radiate radio waves. It is a useful tool is broadcasting. It has high quality performance and durable. They come in different forms.
62Kantanka Radio Console IThis radio console has high quality and connectivity.
63Kantanka Radio Console IIThis is an upgraded version of Kantanka Radio console I. This console has an in-built telephone. No need for the host to place his mobile phone on the console when interviewing someone distant from the station.
64Kantanka Electronic Advertising Screen IThese are programmable colour electronic boards with quality graphics and bright lighting. They display only one advert at a given time. Because of their quality graphics and lightening, night advertisement are equally as effective as day advertisement. They come is different shapes and sizes. Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo was the first person in Ghana to introduce and manufacture electronic advertising bill boards
65Kantanka Electronic Advertising Screen IIThese are computer-controlled electronic displays with technological capabilities that are taking advertisement to a new level. Ads rotate in a slide show fashion every 7 second (can be set to your preference). They come is different shapes and sizes. Made in the year 2002 (decades after Kantanka advertising screen I)
66Kantanka Electronic Advertising Screen IIIThis colour LCD advertising screen rotates 360 degrees clockwise to publicize the products and services it has been set to display. They are programmable and have quality graphics and lightening. They come is different shapes and sizes.
67Kantanka Electronic Advertising Screen IVThis advertising screen displays multiple adverts simultaneously. They are programmable, full colour and have quality graphics and lightening. They are highly energy efficient. You can change your message/pictures as often as you want with ease. They come is different shapes and sizes.
68Kantanka Electronic Advertising Mobile ScreenThis is an advertising screen that can be installed on a vehicle to ensure that your advert reaches your customers. This format allows you to specifically target your audience group at precise events or location. It has quality graphics and lightening. It comes in difference forms and sizes.
69Kantanka MicrophoneThey come in different shapes and forms
70Kantanka Wireless MicrophonesThis microphone uses wireless technology. They do not have cords attached to them. They come in different shapes and forms
71Kantanka SpeakersThey come in different shapes and forms
72Kantanka Wireless SpeakersThis speaker uses wireless technology. They do not have cords attached to them. They come in different shapes and forms
73Kantanka Pre-amplifierThey come in different shapes and forms
74Kantanka Electronic AmplifierThey come in different shapes and forms
75Kantanka CombosThey come in different shapes and forms
76Kantanka Manual Sewing machinesThey come in different shapes and forms
77Kantanka Electronic Sewing machinesThey come in different shapes and forms
78Kantanka Embroidery machinesUsed for creating desired patterns on textiles. It is ideal for product branding, corporate advertising and uniform adornment. It can handle soft clothes, hard and heavy garments, leather goods, heavy blankets etc.
79Kantanka Automated Water ClosetsOnce you sit on this water closet (WC), it begins to talk informing you not to worry about flushing because it is automatic. It goes on to add that the tap and the hand drier are also automatic so you should not touch them. Once you finish and gets up, it automatically flushes the toilet.

This water closet has many advantages
1. It eliminates sanitation problems due to forgetfulness to flush the toilet
2. It helps reduce the transmission of communicable diseases. For toilets with flush handles, as every user comes into contact with the flush handle, it promotes the spread of diseases from one infected person to the others. The Kantanka automated WC prevents this problem.
3. Because people do not have to flush the toilet, it limits contact with them making it to last long.
The Kantanka automatic WC is ideal for homes, hospitals, schools, churches, markets etc
80Kantanka Automatic TapThis tap has a sensor that picks signals from people. Once you place your hands under the tap, it automatically opens and water flows. After washing the hands, the water automatically stops flowing. This tap is very helpful in promoting hygiene.
When you turn a tap to wash your hands, the germs and dirt on your hand gets to the tap and after washing you touch the tap again to close it. By doing so you pick back the dirt and germs. The Kantanka automatic tap relieves you of this problem.
The Kantanka automatic tap
1. Lasts long
2. Prevents the spread of contagious diseases
3. Promotes hygiene
81Kantanka Automatic Hand DryerThis device is used for drying wet hands. After washing hands, place them underneath the dryer and the drying process automatically begins ( no need to press any switch). After drying, remove your hands and the dryer automatically goes off.
The Kantanka automatic hand dryer is designed with a high performance Kantanka sensor and a high speed Kantanka motor. Unlike other hand dryers, it dries hands quicker and makes less noise. It is also energy efficient making it possible to cut down your electricity bill. The dryer is very hygienic and durable.
82Kantanka Clapping Water ClosetClap twice and the WC responds by flushing automatically
83Kantanka Whistling Water ClosetJust whistle and the WC responds by flushing automatically
84Kantanka street sweeper and garbage collectorFor sweeping the streets and collecting garbage. Highly recommended to keep the city clean.
85Kantanka Sweeping tractorThis tractor is used for seeping large areas which are usually laborious to sweep manually. It is fast and sweeps efficiently. It can be used to sweep a whole town.
86Kantanka Medical robotsThis robot is useful to the health industry as it can assist in emergency situations.
87Kantanka Industrial Pick and Pack RobotsFor picking and packing items in the assembly line of a manufacturing company.
88Kantanka 3-in1 RobotThis robot has multiple uses. It is for sweeping, advertisement of goods and services and also for launching miniature rockets.
89Kantanka Human Sensor Robot I - maleThis is a programmable robot that has the characteristics of a man. It responds to stimuli
90Kantanka Human Sensor Robot II - femaleThis is a programmable robot that has the characteristics of a woman. It responds to stimuli
91Kantanka Irrigation RobotIt is also referred to as the “Farmers’ Saviour.” It rides a bicycle joined to an irrigation can. This programmable Robot has an in- built radio for communication. The Robot can be started and controlled 100 metres away using the Kantanka remote control. The rate of flow of water, its direction and velocity on the farm can all be governed using the Kantanka remote control. The purpose of this robot is to help in irrigation to increase food production. It can also be used to water dusty roads or for any activity that requires the spraying of water.
92Kantanka Security RobotThis robot is used to guard a restricted or secured area including gated communities, banks, ware houses, homes etc.
The robot has sensors in its eyes that are able to determine the presence of a human being. It then request for the identification card of the person and verify it using an in-built verification device in its palm.

Upon successful verification, the robot opens the Kantanka electronic gate for the person to enter. Immediately the person fully enters, it closes the gate within a fraction of a microsecond.
If the ID card is not original, the robot rejects it and says in Twi (a Ghanaian language) “please this is not a valid ID, go back.” It would prevent you from accessing the area.

The Robot is basically made up of three essential components; the sensor, the programmed board and the circuit board. When the eyes (the sensor) pick the signal, it transfers it to the brain (the programming board) for the heart (the circuit) to act on the received impulse.
93Kantanka Bar code ID cardsThese are Identification cards that are coded. They have enhanced security features. The Kantanka robot examines the card to ensure that it is authentic before allowing visitors to enter a secured area.
94Kantanka Audio-Visual CCTV cameras,Unlike other CCTV, the Kantanka CCTV picks both sound and video. It has high performance and high resolutions. They come in different sizes and forms
95Great KOSA Magic lockThis lock has enhanced security and voice recognition features. To lock it, you hold the Kantanka knob and move it in your desired pattern while reciting a statement of your choice e.g. " I love my children at Great ASSAS". To unlock it, you would have to move the knob in the same pattern that was used to lock it and repeat the exact statement you used. The locking pattern and voice statements could be changed as frequently as you wish.
It is highly recommended for homes, offices and any place where high security is needed. This means even when your knob is stolen, it can not be used to open your door as the pattern of opening the door and statement used is known only to you.
96Kantanka Automatic and Talking doorThis door is locked and opened by codes. All you need to do is to set your desired code to lock and open your door. The amazing thing is that, the door talks. If you are not at home and the door is knocked, it tells the person "please he is not in."

If you are at home and the door is knocked, it says "Please come in" and it opens all by itself. After entering the room the door closes behind. You have full control over the settings, so you can change it to suit your desire.

As a visitor approaches the door, he/she can be seen on the household monitor connected to the Kantanka CCTV so you can ask the door to tell the person you are not at home ( i.e if you do not want any disturbance). You can also set the door not to open when it is knocked (even when you are at home). You can custom it to suit your needs. It is user friendly
97Kantanka Ultra modern counterfeit detectorsWith the advancement in technology, it has become easier for fraudsters to imitate currencies. Counterfeits have so many adverse effects. It can cause business/businesses to lose lots of money and even collapse.

It also has serious negative implications on the society including increase in the price of goods and services due to inflation and many more.

Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo therefore decided to manufacture counterfeit detectors which employ advance degrees of technology. The Kantanka ultra modern counterfeit detectors can detects all forms of counterfeiting including the most sophisticated forms. The Kantanka counterfeit detectors are designed to help and protect individuals, businesses and the society from counterfeits in this modern era.
98Automated Security GateThis gated is operated by the Kantanka robot. it will only allow you enter or exit after you have shown it your valid pass.
99Great KOSA tabletsThese are tablets for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases. They are of different types for treating different diseases.
100Great KOSA Tea bagsDon't take any tea; take tea that will improve your health. The Great KOSA tea bags are noted for boosting the immune system and also for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases. They are of different types for different medical purposes.
101Great KOSA syrupsThese are syrups for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases. They are of different types for different medical purposes.
102Great KOSA injectable MedicinesThese are injections for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases.They are of different types for different medical purposes.
103Great KOSA PillsThese are pillss for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases. They are of different types for different medical purposes.
104Great KOSA InfusionsThese are medical preparation given through infusions
105Great KOSA BalmsThese are balms for the treatment of joint pains, boils, and many other illnesses. They are of different types for different medical purposes.
106Great KOSA CreamFor the treatment of skin ailment, hair disorders etc They are of different types for different medical purposes.
107Kantanka Air IThis is a standing Air conditioner. Unlike other air-conditioners, the "Kantanka Air" supports three phase form of electricity and has a 3-Horse Power house guaranteed to breeze your stress away.

The owner of this exciting product needs to only breathe or blow air onto the power button for the relaxing cool breeze to start swirling the room. There is no switch off button either, you just wave it goodbye. Yes, just as you do when leaving loved ones. With this air conditioner, you don't have to make any slot in the wall of the room.
108Kantanka Air IIThis is a five-horse power Standing Air conditioner. It has two high capacity blowers (one at the top and one at the bottom) capable of cooling all sections of big buildings, houses, offices, hotels, gyms, movie theatres, factories, malls etc.

It is powered on/off by clapping the hands. As the customer's handclap heightens, so does the level of cool breeze from the conditioner gets cooler and vice versa. With this air conditioner, you don't have to make any slot in the wall of the room.

Once switched on, a star of red and green colours appear in a black background and grow bigger. This symbolically shows that the Star of Africa that has risen to shine away the economic bondage of Africa.
109Kantanka Split Air ConditionerThis air conditioner comprises of two parts: the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. The outdoor unit (comprising components like the compressor, condenser and expansion valve) are fitted outside the room. The indoor unit comprises the evaporator or cooling coil and the cooling fan. With this air conditioner, you don't have to make any slot in the wall of the room.
110Kantanka Manual Electronic Voltage StabilizersIt stabilizes a fluctuating voltage. They were the first voltage stabilizer designed by Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo.
111Kantanka Automatic Electronic Voltage StabilizersThese are upgraded versions of the Kantanka Manual Voltage stabilizers. These ones are automatic. The Kantanka Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) are designed to automatically regulate fluctuating voltage to constant settable level. They operate using the laws of electro-mechanical physics.

When the voltage is low, the Kantanka AVR will automatically step it up to the desired level and when the voltage is high, the Kantanka AVR will automatically step it down to the required level.

The Kantanka automatic voltage regulators can be used as rectifiers and as potential dividers.
This feature saves you money as you would have to buy a single Kantanka Automatic Voltage Regulator instead of purchasing a potential divider and a rectifier for your electric appliances.

The Kantanka automatic voltage regulator is essential to be used as a complement to your electric devices/appliance.
112Kantanka Welding machineThis welding machine can be used by three welders simultaneously. It has three holders and welds only iron.
113Kantanka Multipurpose arc welding MachineThis welding machine can also be used by three people simultaneously. It welds both ferrous and non ferrous metals. It has three holders. Each of the holders can weld any metal including copper, iron, aluminium etc. It has an in-built voltage stabilizer and can charge 16 car batteries simultaneously.
114Kantanka Spot welding MachineThis machine does not use electrodes. It welds both ferrous and non metals. It welds metals together without leaving any trace. The Kantanka Spot welding machine is preferred to other welding machines because the welded spots do not rust.
115Kantanka Petrol GeneratorsThis generator is efficient and generates reliable electricity. It uses petrol.
116Kantanka Diesel GeneratorsThis generator is efficient and generates reliable electricity. It uses diesel.
117Kantanka Multipurpose Electric GeneratorThe functions include:
1. it can convert mechanical energy from wind and flowing water into electricity.
2. can be powered by anything that will cause the turbines/motor to turn.
3. It can be powered by a car battery but will generate more electricity than the car battery could have generated.
4. When plugged into an electrical socket, it can turn the energy needed to iron out a cloth into electrical energy sufficient for a wide area.
5.When hot water is poured into it, it converts the heat energy in the water to electricity.
118Kantanka Transformers They come in different types and forms
119Kantanka Induction Motors They come in different types and forms
120Kantanka Solar (tunnel) DryerFor food preservation. Solar energy is free, no bills.
121Kantanka Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)They come in different types and forms
122Kantanka Extension BoardsThey come in different types and forms
123Kantanka Lighting Systems They come in different types and forms
124CD/DVD/VCD playerThis device can be used to play CD, VCD and DVD. It is very durable. They come in different sizes and forms and have different features.
125Kantanka CD/DVD cleaning kitUsed for cleaning the lens of the CD/VCD/DVD player
126Kantanka AlternatorThey come in different sizes and forms.
127Kantanka Intelligent and Automatic Change Over Switch It switches from the main electricity source to Generator when the main power goes off. When the main power is restored, it switches from the Generator to the main electricity.

It also gives an alert in spoken words and flashing light whenever there is a fire outbreak.

Another exceptional feature of this device is that it tells you the exact building, room or particular portion of the building or gadget that is on fire and cautions you on safety measures to use.

The device also automatically disconnects the whole building from the power source to limit the damage that would be caused in the event of a fire outbreak.
128Kantanka ComputersIt comprises the monitor, system unit and mouse. They come in different types and forms and have different and high specifications
129Kantanka remote control wrist watchesThis watch is used in the control of some Kantanka vehicles such as Kantanka Daasebre
130Kantanka Clapping CurtainsThis curtains is controlled by hand clapping. It opens or closes when you simply clap twice.
131Kantanka Radio setsIt can be used to listen to any radio station that covers the area. Logon for more information latter.
132Kantanka CranesIt is used for lifting heavy things and transporting them to other places.
133Kantanka TricyclesApostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo manufactures thousands of tricycles each year and distributes them freely to the physically challenged.
134Kantanka Wooden MotorcycleThis motorcycle is made of wood.
135SafonologyThis word was coined to represent Apostle Dr Safo's sky rocketing technology which has hit the surface of the earth.

Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo manufactures metals from the combination of sea shells and palm kennel husks. This means metals are now renewable. In all parts of the world, metals are mined from the earth. But Apostle Dr. Safo has introduced a new way of obtaining metals.

This together with other technological skills of the great Star of Africa, Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo, is known as Safonology.
136Kantanka EqualizerThere are different types of the Kantanka Equalizer eg Kantanka 10 band equalizer, etc
137Kantanka Video CamerasThey come in different types and forms
138Kantanka Audio recordersThey come in different types and forms
139Kantanka smoke detectorUnlike other smoke detectors, this smoke detector is attached to the Kantanka mother board and it points out the exact part of the building or equipment which is on fire. It speaks to tell the user the exact location within the storey building or office that is on fire.
140Kantanka Anti-Gravity deviceThis is a device that has the ability to defy force of gravity. Amazingly, anything placed above it hanged in the air without falling. It was displayed in public scene during the 2004 technology exhibition of the Kristo Asafo
141Kantanka Electronic Roll DispenserThey come in different types and forms
Visit this page regularly for more updates.

Visit Kantanka Products to view pictures and videos of these listed inventions.

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