Today: February 25, 2018
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Kantanka vehicles are standard – Ghana Standard Authority

In the recent press conference organised by the Kantanka Automobile Co. it was announced that by the close of 2014 the company would begin with the commercialisation of Kantanka sports utility vehicles and pickups.

The company further displayed some of the vehicles that had successfully graduated through the various test runs and were ready for the market.

The press were also taken to the assembly plant and guided through the various stages involved in the car manufacturing process.

Over the years the company has been manually manufacturing series of vehicles from electric cars to vehicles that are started with gold watch.

This manual manufacturing process made it difficult for the company to produce the vehicles on commercial scale but the installation of the Kantanka Assembly Plant which is as sophisticated as any assembly plant in the world have paved the way for mass production to commence.

Speaking to the media, the company confirmed that it would begin with the manufacturing of 80 to 200 cars monthly and would increase the numbers to meet the growing demand.

It also came to light that the Ghana Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (formerly called Vehicle Examination & Licensing Division, a semi-autonomous public sector organization under the Ministry of Transportation established by Act 569 of 1999) as well as the Ghana Standard Authority have been visiting the manufacturing site of the company and have given them the green light.

The media also found out the Authority upholds that the previous Kantanka Vehicles that were manually manufactured were all up to standard. The issuance of certificates by the Authority to the company confirms the whole story.

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) is a national Standards body established by the Standards Decree, 1967 (NLCD 199) which has been superseded by the Standards Decree, 1973 (NRCD 173). The Authority is also the custodian of the Weights and Measures Decree (NRCD 326, 1975). They are dedicated to the standardisation of goods and services in the country and carry out routine inspections to ensure that these standards are maintained.

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  1. I am hoping to buy one, and may Ghanaians see the market sense in patronising this homegrown product.

  2. Dr.safo kantanka,you have really done well. Ghana ,Africa and the world will be really proud of you as I am now. I as God for internal life and more skills for you.thank you for your good job done.

  3. let us make use of our own product than depending on foreign products…that is reason why our economy don’t progress and alway fall behind.So we should ultilise our own product! Thanks to Kantanka..God richly bless u

  4. let us make use of our own product than depending on foreign products…that is the reason why our economy is not progress and alway fall behind.So we should ultilised our own product! Thanks to Kantanka..God richly bless u

  5. Wow I’m so happy Ghana will finally produce our own cars so we can also buy quality African cars

  6. am really proud to b a Ghanaian. i ask for Allah’s protection and guidance for Dr. Safo .

  7. Dr Kantanka is really matching his words with action. Onyame nhyira wo. I hope to be able to buy one soon

  8. Bigups to all dose hu hav commented already,u ar true Africans.Africa nkwa so,Ghana nkwa so,Kantanka nkwa so.AMEN

  9. I need one Kantaka Car To Buy ….. I’m serious any details …. African Made ? No Size

  10. This is really amazing.papa may God Widens your wit.keep been useful to the Ghanaian community

  11. I wish to congratulate all the members of the Kantanka team. You are doing a good job.Keep it up! . Produce quality and affordable cars for Ghanians. Thank you.

  12. That is great. ‘Mo ne adwuma Doctor’. God be our helper so that we can move far in growth and sustenance.

  13. That is great. ‘Mo ne adwuma Doctor’. God be our helper so that we can move far in growth and sustenance.

  14. A man with such bravado and determination. This is what government is supposed to be investing in. But Doctor please keep the prices within our reach.

  15. Thanks Dr.Kantanka but let the price be moderate to allow a lot of Ghanaian patronage.God Bless You.

  16. Good job done Team Kantanka plx i pray that The government gives “us” a work on Ghana’s electricity problem dem go solve um waaaaadey are just wasting money morr vim Team Kantanka

  17. i like the cars so much and will like to use one as a young boy of 25.And i will be happy if am given the opportunity if am given a test drive and a tour of your facilities.thank you

  18. The cars are nice but he must bring in small cars for taxes n cool price for youngsters to get their own thanks.

  19. I love what God have done to Ghana through osofo. God bless him and bless Ghana. Pls buy made in Ghana

  20. God have given everyone a talent and when you realize your talent and you work on it,then you are blessed.Apostle Safo God bless you for the fame you are bringing to Ghana and Africa at large.Stay Blessed….

  21. Nana Safo is a true states man, may God bless Him with long life and prosperity

  22. These are the examples that men of God should exhibit. Apostle Safo is one of a kind, God richly bless him

  23. It’s an amazing to have u in our state . buh still people think your inventions are in the state of utopian yet don’t ma dream to be like you…

  24. At least there should be adverts running on TV stations,Radio stations and on news papers from now on till the commercialisation of Kantanka sports utility vehicles and pickups and others

  25. I am waiting to buy one of the Midsize SUVs to cruise around town. At least, I won’t pay for shipping charges and that throat cutting duties charged at the port.

  26. Extremely proud of your invention, only think the logo on the cars needs a touch of Style. Ghana is glad having you!

  27. Africa we are bless. I always pray that God should give these man a long life . Dr we realy proud of you

  28. am so happy that we too can make our own cars.may God bless our papa.may he leave long so that his dreams and objectives will make we the young ones continue our research.
    I am electronic security system engineer,car tracking,access control,cctv and IT solution.please i want to share my ideal with papa and also learn more from him how can i contact you please help me. May God Bless you

  29. I am so impressed by the prospects of Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo. He is making an impact in the car manufacturing industry and sooner or later Ghana will be in the fore front in West Africa and Africa as a whole. I would however want to know how I can have the opportunity to test-drive one of these vehicles.

  30. Great mind lies in Ideal persons, this cars will certainly be my first cars. God Bless Dr Safo.

  31. Let’s buy and use these cars proudly as Ghanaians. It’s the job opportunities that Safo has brought to the nation that make me proud more…thumbs up!

  32. I’m sooo happy that finally Ghana and for that Africa at large will now be using locally made cars.
    I’m soo proud of Kantanka.

  33. I suggest that , the government of Ghana should start to buy the Kantanka vehicles for his Ministers,MPs,DCEs, and everybody involved in Government . The reason is that, rich people in Ghana likes using cars that high government officials uses. This is the market plan .

  34. I am enthused about the landmark acheivementt of Apostle Kwadwo Safo and his team of engineers. They are not only making Ghana proud but the whole of Africa as well. Kudos to them. If there is a chance to test drive any of the vehicles I would be pleased to do so. I am yearning to drive any of the vehicles.

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