Today: February 25, 2018
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The amazing Kantanka Security and Irrigation Robots

Kantanka Security and Irrigation Robot

Kantanka Security and Irrigation Robot

Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo, the Ghanaian industrialist and founder of Great KOSA company, exhibited two robots in  2013 during the  Kristo Asafo 33rd annual Technology Exhibition held at Awoshie, Accra.

The two humanoid robots – multipurpose prototypic models – one of which is highly programmed for residential security issues; the second, for routine irrigation practices have been the third generation of robotic manufacturing by the Great KOSA Company.

The ‘Security Robot’ uses eye-sensing mechanism to determine the presence of visitors: at a raised arm stretch a bar code reading device [in the palm of the robot] complements a Bar Code Identification Card – which the visitor is requested to show – also designed by Apostle Safo. Pairing and identification follows presto. The door opens and robotically closes [all happening within a fraction of a micro second by an integrated-intricate-circuiting] upon entry.

Mr. Sakyi, one of the workers at the Department of Robotics at Apostle Safo Suaye Technology Research Centre(ASSTRC), said the Robot is basically made up of three components; the sensor, the programmed board and the circuit board. Therefore, when the eye (the sensor) picks the signal, it transfers it to the brain (the programming board) for the heart (the circuit) to act on the received impulse.

The second robot, “Farmers’ Saviour”, has an inbuilt bicycle joined to an irrigation can. This amazing Robot has VHF radio for communication. The Robot is started by dialing the starting programming code on the radio mobile transmitter. The robot can then be controlled using the radio device; the rate of flow of water; the velocity of its movement and its directions on the farm.

The propagation of the VHF band (30 MHz to 300 MHz) when using the VHF mobile radio device is chiefly in the form of a direct path. It is relatively unaffected by reflection, refraction and diffraction within the atmosphere; but is attenuated by the Earth’s surface and blocked, diffracted or reflected by terrain or structures — as experienced with VHF-band TV reception. The radio device has more than 100 meters propagating range.

There is the possibility of future generation of products from the company to go digital according to TiGH investigations. There is hope for Africa!

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  1. Lets all Africans comes together to help to improve our technology. Coz God has gift us with such a wonderful man like Apostle Sarfo who can invent cars, Air flight etc.

  2. Lets all Africans comes together to help to improve our technology. Coz God has gift us with such a wonderful man like Apostle Sarfo who can invent cars, Air flight and many machines.

  3. May God continue using the man of God to redeem Africa indeed. Ghana is a blessed country with many talents . We shall become the redeemer of Africa as Dr.Kwame N’krumah has done many years ago . We shall overcome every fortresses of anybody , races , ethnic , continent , tribe , nation , town , province , anything which is against the will of GOD concerning GHANA .

  4. Wow we’re blessed to have a man with great inventive mind… May God bless and increase you Safo. Am hoping to meet you one day to share my ideas. Thumbs up!!!

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