Today: February 25, 2018
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June Edition- Watching Africa’s Future…An exclusive preview of Kantanka TELEVISION sets and Home Theatres


Kantanka Clapping Television. Turned on by human breath and switched off by waving “Bye-Bye”

Kantanka Clapping Television. Turned on by human breath and switched off by waving “Bye-Bye”

There is no doubt that Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo is Africa’s king of technology. In this article, we would look at qualities that set the Kantanka televisions aside from other world brands. We will also look at why these products are extra-ordinary.

At the 2006 annual Technology and Charity Exhibition organized by the Apostle, the Speaker of Parliament, Ministers of State, Chiefs and invited guests were surprised by the two brands of television sets and other equipment displayed by the Star of Africa.

They had thought these gadgets were ordinary TELEVISION sets until shown by Apostle Dr. Safo their various capabilities.

The First version of the Kantanka Flat Technology TELEVISION set had a beautiful ash colour like most brands. Unlike other TELEVISION products however, the bright cover of this TELEVISION is made of neither plastic nor metal.

The material we are talking about here is our own Ghanaian wood. Yes, Apostle Safo sees the importance of wood beyond fire-making (as it’s been perceived by some that wood is only suitable for fire).

This is a practical example of generating wealth from our raw materials. The wood was gently carved and smartly sprayed under Apostle Safo’s supervision to get such plastic appearance.

According to researchers and expects wood has many advantages over plastic. One of these advantages is the way wood absorbs moisture. Plastic materials can’t absorb any moisture, so the moisture which collects in plastic covered-equipment can often build up and cause an unwanted “buzzing” sound in the wind way.

Though wood is a much more efficient at absorbing moisture, it must also be protected from moisture loss. This is taken into account when choosing the type of spray to use for the Kantanka television sets.

The oil spray used keeps the wood from excess drying out or becoming breakable. This keeps the television looking charming and attractive to the eye always.

Plastic is also known not to decay in nature. It could stay hundreds of years without decaying. This can endanger the lives of man and other living organisms as well as generations to come if not properly disposed. Wood on the other hand is free from all this trouble as it easily gets rotten thus more friendly to the environment.

“These among other reasons may be the reason why Apostle decided to select wood over plastic as the cover of the television” one participant of the annual exhibition said.

Aside the proven strength of the TELEVISION, it has an in-built equalizer. Apostle Safo based the thought and craft of making the TELEVISION on the story of creation. According to the book of Genesis, God breathed into man and he became a living soul. To switch on Apostle Safo’s TELEVISION, all one needs to do is to breathe or blow air into it. Amazing, isn’t it?

When switched on, the brand name “KANTANKA” is boldly displayed on the TV for the consumer to acknowledge its African roots.

The TELEVISION also has good lighting system and high picture quality for the best of consumer satisfaction. It does not cease to amaze since it has the ability to establish a cordial relationship with its owner. For instance, most TELEVISIONs are usually switched off by pressing either a button on the remote or on the TELEVISION set.

After watching the Kantanka TELEVISIONs, all a consumer has to do is wave “bye-bye” at the machine and it goes off. It is not magic but the power of technology, made possible by Apostle Dr. Safo’s brilliance.

It is sad to note that we do have such people in the country but every year foreign industries generate huge amounts from the ‘so-called’ poor countries. We could cut down our importation by developing our local African private Sectors (Mainly by giving people such as Apostle Safo the needed support).

Kantanka TV - Flat Screen Technology

Kantanka TV – Flat Screen Technology

The next creativity that got people talking was the 33 inch Flat screen coloured TELEVISION also made in Ghana at Apostle Safo Suaye Technological Centre (Gomoa Mputa, 4 minutes’ drive from Winneba junction).

This technological section by the Star of Africa put electronics under the control of human clapping.

If you need to switch on the television set, all you need to do is to clap twice. It has a 10 band Stereo Graphic Equalizer at the lower section of the TELEVISION for tuning sound.

A single clap changes the TELEVISION channel whiles continuous clapping (depending on sound pitch) increases or decreases the volume.

Isn’t this interesting, a TV which can detect the difference between sound intensities.

In case one has issues with that, buttons for volume, changing channels and suiting other options on menu are on the TELEVISION for consumer preference.

The entire product, from making the motherboard to adjusting electrical components, even spraying is done under direction of the Star of Africa.


Kantanka Home Theatre - High Quality sound

Kantanka Home Theatre – High Quality sound

Accompanying these inventions were Home Kantanka Theatre Systems made under the Kantanka Brand name. These includes the power amp, 10 band equalizer, CD/DVD/VCD player, TV monitor and Speakers (all proudly made-in-Ghana).

It is interesting to note that the Kantanka Home Theatres are also made of wood with one of them having a light bluish lateral cover. The cover is light bluish and made of glass.

When turned on, twinkled blue lights display at the edge of the theatre adding more glow to it. The other brand of the Kantanka theatre displayed twinkled red and green light which spelt “Kantanka” when switched on.

It could be used to party at home since it produces high quality sound.

Among the personalities that payed visits to the Apostle Safo Suaye technological Centre to observe his innovation are employees of Intercontinental Bank Ghana Ltd, Staff of Fidelity Bank Ghana Ltd, lecturers from the Faculty of Law, University of Ghana, Ghana’s Ambassador to the Russia Federation at the time, Air Vice Marshall (Rtd) (Air force Commander) Edward Apau Mantey, and many others.

Most of them tested the televisions by powering it on and off with the clap of their hands, breath or “Bye-Bye” wave as appropriate.

They also tested other machines they saw. They were all surprised and delighted about the inventiveness of the Star of Africa. This was what one of the excited visitors of the centre said after seeing the clapping and breathing technology of the Apostle Dr. Safo-

“I never knew that when you clap your hands, electricity or sound could obey you. I was completely taken aback when I saw these products. There are lots of youth (trainees) here. It will be good and nice for the government to support him to help the youth acquire handicrafts…If our youth get employed, it will limit the occurrence of antisocial vices like arm robbery since they will be kept busy and not idle.”

Nana Oteng Agyeman, Broadcaster, Eastern Fm could not hide his joy when he saw the Television sets. After powering it on and changing channels by his own hand clap, he said in an extreme excitement “Lets support him, it (the works of Apostle Dr. Safo) will help you and help me.”

The famous technologist, philanthropist and industrialist Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo said at the inauguration ceremony that “To say a country is spoiled means either the land is rid of fertility or destroyed as a result of nuclear bombings. In our case (Africa), we have great resources in abundance. So why do we keep on appealing for loans? Why do we have our children on the street begging? This is the shame of Africa. God sent ME to bring Africa eternal redemption. The African shall no longer be a slave to any oppressor again. Instead of just rattling words, let us find a way to make the knowledge we learn in schools practical. That is the way forward…”

At the said exhibition which marked the 25th annual charity and Technology exhibition Hon. Ebenezer Sekyi-Hughe (the special guest of honour for the occasion who is also the Speaker of the Parliament of Ghana), Hon. Addo Kuffour, Minister of Defence, Hon. Owusu Agyapong, Majority leader of Ghana Parliament, Dr. Antwi Danso, Senior Fellow at the Legon Centre for International Affairs and Diplomacy, Ama Benyiwa-Doe, NDC national women’s organizer, Prof. Kwabena Frimpong Boateng, Chief Executive of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, and many others expressed their heart felt gratitude and excitement to the Star of Africa for his amazing works.

The special event was co-chaired by Ms Joyce Aryee, C.E.O of Ghana Chamber of Mines and Professor Stephen Adei, Rector of GIMPA, Centre of Excellence.

Also present were multipurpose block moulding machine ( moulds 16 to 18 blocks at a goal), the engine of Air craft, electronic advertising bill boards, jet, generator powered by hot water or wind, Kantanka CCTV camera (unlike other CCTV,  this picks both audio and video), computers, metals made from the combination of sea shells and palm kernel husks etc.

Like all charity exhibitions organized by the Star of Africa, this exhibition was no exception and saw food items, livestock, clothing and cash valued at millions of cedis distributed to over 100 institutions (orphanages, prisons, schools, rehabilitation centre etc) throughout the country. Apostle Dr. Safo has indeed carried out the largest philanthropic activity in Ghana.

Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo and his inventions are of huge importance to the African continent. It will be difficult for any country or continent to develop if they don’t take technology especially internal technology seriously.

Let’s join hands to drive the destiny of our dear continent to prosperity. It is our responsibility as Africans to do so. Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo, the Star of Africa, has set the pace. Let’s support him.