Today: January 18, 2018
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Click to watch video- Kantanka automated WC and Drier – Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo.

This video features three main items, Kantanka Automated water closet, Kantanka Automatic taps, and Kantanka automatic hand driers

Kantanka Automated water closet :

Once you sit on this water closet (WC), it begins to talk informing you not to worry about flushing because it is automatic. It goes on to add that the tap and the hand dryer are also automatic so you should not touch them. Once you finish and get up, it automatically flushes the toilet. This water closet has many advantages

  1. It eliminates sanitation problems due to forgetfulness to flush the toilet
  2. It helps reduce the transmission of communicable diseases. For toilets with flush handles, as every user comes into contact with the flush handle, it promotes the spread of diseases from one infected person to the others. The Kantanka automated WC prevents this problem.
  3. Because people do not have to flush the toilet, it limits contact with them making it to last long.

The Kantanka automatic WC is ideal for homes, hospitals, schools, churches, markets etc

Kantanka Automatic tap:

This tap has a sensor that picks signals from people. Once you place your hands under the tap, it automatically opens and water flows. After washing the hands, the water automatically stops flowing. This tap is very helpful in promoting hygiene. When you turn a tap to wash your hands, the germs and dirt on your hand gets to the tap and after washing you touch the tap again to close it. By doing so you pick back the dirt and germs. The Kantanka automatic tap relieves you of this problem. The Kantanka automatic tap

  1. Lasts long
  2. Prevents the spread of contagious diseases
  3. Promotes hygiene

Kantanka Automatic Hand Dryer:

This device is used for drying wet hands. After washing hands, place them underneath the dryer and it is automatically switched on. After drying, remove your hands and it automatically goes off. The Kantanka automatic hand dryer is designed with a high performance Kantanka sensor and a high-speed Kantanka motor. Unlike other hand dryers, it dries hands quicker and makes less noise. It is also energy-efficient making it possible to cut down your electricity bill. The dryer is very hygienic and durable.

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  1. Africa is nothing without this man.HE IS INDEED THE REDEEMER OF AFRICA.”MO NE Y3″ NANA SAFO

  2. How do we visit the Hon Apostle’s showroom to look @ the vehicles, and especially the 4-wheel Pajero type cars.
    How does the apostle look to the future, especially sourcing FINANCIAL ENGINEERING?? We wait in joyful anticipation for further discussion to search for external finance. Stay Blessed. Afihyia Pa ooo

    1. Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo will begin commercial production very soon. Information reaching Africa Redemption Magazine is that full commercial production will begin by 2015. Follow this link for more information:
      You may also subscribe to our publications by visiting After subscription, you would get every update in your email. Thank You

  3. It vision to support kantanka company is any direction.i hope and i believe that oneday God will me with money so i can support kantanka’s company. Indeed he is the star of africa. Thank.

  4. ” This is the man that the whole nation has to come under one umbrella, to support him to gain a name for the nation.”

  5. this man has been a bless to Ghana. people of Ghana please let support for improvement and we ourself will benefit from him

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