Today: January 18, 2018
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Do We Want Safo Kantanka To Die Before We Say Had We Known?—VODEC Asks


The Star of Africa, Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo

The Star of Africa, Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo

Voice Of Developing Communities (VODEC), on behalf of the youth of Ghana call on Government to set-up a fund of GHc10million yearly as a matter of urgency to help Apostle Kwadwo Safo in enabling his center support the Ghanaian economy and make the country total independent of many of the foreign technology goods such as cars and other electronic appliances and should not wait for him to die before we say had we known..

The research center which is in the process of meeting conditions by the commercial market will enable the country to sell the products commercially in Ghana.

Electronics Section various electrical appliances such as T.V, Radio set, and Speakers etc. are made using certain special circuit boards designed by the center.

These circuits made it possible for the T.V and the other electrical appliances to response to certain sound waves to on/off or increase/decrease the volume of the set. Some of these sound waves included whistling, clapping etc. Other made electronic appliances with the same features included, radio sets, speakers etc.

One other special feature of these appliances is that, the housing or casing as well as the remote of these electronic appliances were made from wood specifically plywood to help reduce the amount of heat produced.

At the mechanical department, metallic parts of machines that are produced are made using per-made patterns which is later used to mold the metallic part into its real form.

Different types of materials are used to mold metal parts based on the requirements for that particular machine part. The aero department consisted of hardworking scientist who had been trained to build aeroplanes.

Our country needs to be lifted from the quick sand of tribal injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood. We should instill discipline, patriotism and eschewing tribalism and selfishness by the need to transform apprenticeship and job training programmed to enable the youth acquire relevant skills for self employment and reduce unemployment among the youth through a series of integrated interventions.

We must change from superstitious thinking to a culture of scientific thinking, from tradition for its own sake to tradition based on technology. We should have a dream that one day, we the young ones live in a country where we will not be judged by illiteracy but the content of our character.

Ghana’s new future needs to be created; it will not happen by coincidence. We must write our future anew based on a new spirit of creativity, productivity and pragmatism in order to pull our country out of the thaws of poverty and the pain of despair.

Indigenous inventors have continuously been frustrated with Apostle Safo exempted. He has exhibited his technological prowess by producing brick laying machines and television that are shut by clapping or wave of the hand, robots vehicles and many more.

VODEC is appealing to the Government to help set-up a fund of GHc10million yearly and secure an assembling plants which will help go into commercial production of his inventions particularly vehicles which will make cars affordable and put Ghana on the list of car producing countries.

It is woeful that no support is coming from the engineers and researchers particularly the government of Ghana. Apostle Safo with his basic education with no technical or university education is alive and creating and exhibiting what he knows best and we should be ashamed of ourselves on our unwillingness to support his dreams.

Abroni Thomas
Executive Director

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  1. WE are all Africans ,WE have to stand up and support ourself. I am a Ghanian nationality .i stand for goverment to support our father kwadjo safo kantanka to improve his technologgy for the youth to improve their lives .Africa stand up

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