Today: February 25, 2018
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Kantanka Odeneho II

Kantanka Odeneho II: the electric car

This five seater electric car saves energy and releases “zero” greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It uses no fuel and has no internal combustion engine, a big step forward to reduce global warming and other respiratory diseases. It is powered by 12 rechargeable batteries. Each battery has a life span of over four years. Unlike other electric cars, Kantanka Odeneho II is built on user friendly technology making it easy to be recharged. It does not require any complex set-up for recharging, just plug it in any socket (like you plug an electric iron or any household appliance) and bingo, the car starts recharging. One unique feature about the vehicle is that, all the 12 batteries do not work at the same time. There is a power changeover created for the batteries making them to last even longer. This extra-ordinary feature also makes it possible to drive for longer hours without recharging the vehicle. Another amazing feature about the Kantanka Odeneho II is its security set-up. It has an in-built Kantanka CCTV which reveals what is happening on the road 50 metres ahead and displays it on the Kantanka mini monitor. It also has a navigation system that works with android. Like all Kantanka automobiles, Kantanka Odeneho II voices in spoken words to alert pedestrians when reversing to prevent unforeseen accidents. The seats of the car are designed with Kente prints (Ghanaian traditional cloth) with Kantanka labellings to project the African values and acknowledge its African roots. – See more at:

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  1. Please, I will advice that the company keeps its products technology know-how secret to avoid being stolen. Research and developments should be kept out from those who aren’t part of the “need to know” group and people who might steal and sell the tech know-how to other countries. This is great start point to advancing in this age of technology and transportations. Africa has resources to even do greater things for itself; however, governments and rich folks have not taken advantage of all that Africa has in order to turn the fortunes of the continent for the benefit of its people. Tires, Alloy wheels, batteries, rubber tubes, lighting systems, upholstery, general car parts etcetera manufacturing factories should be considered by other rich folks, entrepreneurs, investors, to support this car manufacture to enable her share labor, which will in turn create a supply chain for the same purpose within the country. This will help employ our youth and graduates all over the nation. The Japanese patronized their home made goods that enable their economies to flourish also helped the companies to become more innovative churning out quality and durable goods through more research and development (R&D) that the world came to love and appreciated. Small and medium parts manufactures actually drove up the car production in Japan and many other car producing countries. Rich folks must put their monies in these ventures to help accelerate the car industry and other technological productions for both local and international sales and consumptions. Kudos to Dr. Kwadjo Safo for this vision and inventions. God bless you, Ghana and the continent of Africa.

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