Today: February 25, 2018
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Photos: Automobiles made in Ghana by Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo ( Star of Africa )- Click to view more

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    1. My Africa is the future, Imizing to see African manufacturing cars, When we where told we cant, Are they still not beliving it. The sad news is why the government cant suport this African manufacturing by cuting down foriegn import of cars and by increasing taxes. This is common macroeconomic policy.

  1. The begining of a new era,the rise of africa (Ghana) to take over the world….we re very proud..God Bless Ghana.

  2. well its very sad that the black man has no confidence in himself, instead of helping one of our own do better, we rather criticize and gives him no support. we are loosing good and brilliant Ghanaians to foreign nations simply because they have no support here in Ghana for what ever good they have. This great man has made good name for himself and has proved to the world that YES KANTANKA CAN DO IT!

    1. yes yaw say it and say more it look’s as if we are blind we can not taste what is sweet but we always pamper the oyibo man , just look around what this man has done , none of african can brings such technology

  3. This is the type of people we need in our country and africa as a whole… Good entrepreneurs
    Mr. Safo, how much will you charge me for a bus if you manufacture one for me to do business with it…. and i wish to get incontact with you

  4. I do pray that one day God will open the eyes of our political leaders to support this great man so that Ghana can lead the rest of West Africa and beyond in the automobile industry. Ghana real development depends on science and technology not on any political propaganda or ideology. The west did not get to where they are today on political propaganda. They invested heavily in their people and supported people with great ideas and talents like our Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo to move their economies forward. What we need now in Africa and for that matter Ghana is spiritual inspired leaders to take us to the next level in our development and not political ideologies and propagandas.

  5. Hi this is what we need to move Africa forward damn our political leaders who have closed their eyes this novelty I pray that you get the right investors to materialize your inventions.

  6. KOSA.Co This is what i love to learn since i was a child , I will love to join the great Kosa and how will do that .. I will be happy if can

  7. I actually don’t know when the good lord will open the eyes of ghanaian politicians to support this man .he will go to the grave without fellow ghanaians tapping nothing from him .that is the black mentality .god save us .

  8. God bless Ghana and god bless kojo safo,so I went ask’did the goverment knew that we have a great person in our conutry. Why don’t the goverment help him to our nation move forwide.plz Mr governa help this man to reduce Ghana economi(thank )

  9. I am highly impressed about Dr. Apostle K. Safo. May God continue to bless him to do it more.
    I want some of his product to buy but I don’t know where to get them.
    I also want to get the telephone number of the Great Kosa Co. Ltd. so I can call them to make me a customized item.

    1. Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo gives free training to lots of people including graduates from the various universities, polytechnics, SHS and JHS graduates and many more not forgetting those who can not read or write. The Apostle Safo Suaye Technology Research Centre is open to anybody who has the passion to learn. However the centre accepts more people subject to available vacancy.
      Tuition is free and Apostle funds everything himself. It is our hope that the state would support to enable expansion to train more people. Currently he is giving free training to 550 people.

      1. Please I want to be train by the great kosa Co.Lmt and I also want to contact the great kosa Co.directly, please what should I do to achieve this. thank you.

        1. The Apostle Safo Technology centre has rolled out plans to establish an institution for higher technological studies, accredited by the National Accreditation Board, which would practically train thousands of Ghanaians on how to manufacture technological gadgets/machines. Enrolment would begin when the project is completed. You may also visit for more information. Thank you

  10. If the ‘Universe’ is of uncountable years of age, let us not forget that it was once created within a specific day, hours, minutes and seconds. Now is the ‘day, hours, minutes and seconds’, that
    God from His infinite wisdom has recreated ‘Ghana’ as far as industrialization is concerned. Through this unique man ‘Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo (a.k.a Kankanta African shining star), let us uphold and nourish this newly born technology on the soil of our mother land (Ghana). A day will come, sooner than expected, our poor mother Ghana would be out of her plight in the light of our NAVY unit whereby powerful submarines and other sophisticated weapons would be developed through this newly born technology. We should remember that, great men like Henry Ford and others who started manufacturing cars in their countries were spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physiologically supported by their people through appreciation and delight-fulness. Please children of mother Ghana let us with one spirit, mind and heart support this man (Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo) for the good works that he has started. If only we will do this, Ghana would be the most powerful country in the next generation.

  11. through this years i have grown to be proud of my motheland (Ghana) and i am ever ready to buy one of His cars when ever it is produce in commercial quantities if only i have the capacity…… i stopped for a minute and said God Bless Ghana……..

  12. wow, brovoooooo.these are the type of people that the country need to support, cox we need to promote made in Ghana products. Also I would loved to be associated with the KOSA company.

  13. What a beautiful job. Hope training more personels to follow suit. Good work done. But I want to know if Apostle is planning to do something about the energy crises by way of building a massive solar station to add to what we have in Ghana. Never mind so much that the nation is not supporting you. There are private individuals who when giving opportunity would want to help. Thanks. How do I get I get a chance of learning search a wonderful trade.

  14. pls i want followur email so that…so dat i can read n no update…of what de great man is doin…pls help me out

  15. These are people we should be recognizing in GH and not same of the politicians who waste our money, time and resources and do nothing for the country but rather disgrace the nation. Has he stop the broadcast of other TV station because we no longer watch his invention on TV anymore if yes WHY if no than Why are they no longer showing on TV because I believe that will help him better in showcasing his investigation.

  16. Please,where is his,Apostle Kwadwo, company located? I’m in Kumasi and would love to see this great man in person. I wish I could get a contact from his company through my mail. thanks.

    1. The manufacturing company is located at Gomoa Mputa, on the Accra-Cape Coast Road, 4 minutes drive from the Winneba Junction. But many showrooms will be available in major cities across the country and beyond once commercial production starts on May 2014. You may visit us at for more information. Thank you.

  17. god should indeed have mercy on our heatless and wicked politicians who have no future in mind but just today and the welfare of their own children ….it’s a pity.

  18. i really love this man and am in support of his works……….i want to be an icon of his work

  19. and when are u gonna build a hospital to create a room for we de Registered nurses.cos if i ll work for a private company den it must be de ARM.NYAME ONHYIRAWO PII.

  20. may God bless this man and provide him with all the needs he want to proceed to do more equipments for the country. but please how can one get admission to his school learn how to manufacture some of these things. please i want to know

    1. Please note that this is not Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo, the Star of Africa. This is Africa Redemption Magazine. We are an independent online media house broadcasting information about this great African Legend.
      You can find out more about us by visiting this link:

      You can get some information concerning your question here
      If you need more details, please contact them. Thank you
      Best Regards

  21. am police man but I cant wait to have one of your cars, I will also suggest to you that, if you can link with the security services, eg, like police service and Ghana army and others so that whom ever is interested will come pick a car of his choice, base on the deduction arrangement on monthly bases till he or she finish paying, than the person going for loan before buy to avoid high interest rate in our banking system, this one it will be direct on his or her account, I know it will do a lot of good thank you.

  22. Apostle im allday behind u,i know that this
    You have started will someday have a great
    impact on our nation .God bless you and your great invention.

  23. I am praying that by the time I grow up and become the president of this country katanka will be alive and his technology still in businesses . Because I will used that to bring Ghana to where it belongs . Shame on our short sighted and vision less leaders.

  24. Please I heard katanka has commercial . Please confirm. I cannot wait to get my own katanka odeneho //

  25. may God continue to be with this man.Ghana leaders are not visonnaries and so cant see the resource vested in this man which can change the economy.But i will suggest he use some basic marketing strategies to market and sell his technology

  26. I wish i could have the chance to get closer to him so i could advice him on some tips on some strategies he could adopt now but our leaders are not to be relied

  27. Great that u really don’t expect much from the politicians. They will mess u up. Let the lord be your guide. Wish to own n drive one of ur inventions soon.

  28. I can’t wait to drive in such a wonderful vehicle made by Apostle Sarfo. Thank you so much for lifting the Ghanaian flag higher. I wish to work there one day. If God helps me, I will use only Kantanka cars for the rest of my life. I’m very proud of Apostle Sarfo.

  29. This is unbelievable..i wonder why Africans can’t come together to learn and push Africa on the world map…good will to Mr. Kwadwo Osarfo…I wish he start inventing MILITARY CARS SOON.

  30. The most painful thg i cnt imagine is in dix our country,we neva see’s de gud wrk of any gr8 person until they aa dead.the only thg we knw hw 2 do is vain talks.i wonda hw sm TV stations cn giv a whole hour 4 pple 2 cm nd sit on TV nd talk jx abt sm useless telenovela bt cnt giv evn 30mins 2 show de inventions of dix gr8 man bt trust me they wil be de 1st 1nx 2 alert us dat he is dead if he dies.nd 4 our politicians smtymx i regret bein Ghanaian bcos of sm of deir attitude,de only thg dey do is talk on paper bt neva see’s reality.AM TOOOO PROUD OF YOU MR. KANTANKA.MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS U WIF MORE SUCCESS.

  31. Its pass may and we have not heard of any branch where the electronic product will be sold In the cities, please if it has and I don’t know please show me there so that I can go for one.

  32. Before I say anything, Long leave Nana Sarfo Kantanka the Omeg.
    I for one believed from my teen-hood that I will wake up one day sit in my Ghana made
    nice car like the Kantanka-Otumfuo and all the thanks to God Almighty for making this a reality.

    And finally I want to know when exactly are u coming all out for the sleeping Ghanaians to wake up?
    Thank you Apostle and your team….

    With you guys we can take over Africa and beyond.

  33. I hv believed in u since I was young. my friends did not and could not believe you, but I knew dis day will come. well done Apostle. can’t wait to drive my own kantanka vehcl. pls arrange with Ghana health services so that staffs who are interested can buy on hire purchase.

  34. Thank God for the live of this great man. I pray God direct his ambitions to become more blessing to mankind.

    I wish he starts the commecialisation with cars that can be afforded by average Ghanian. Stay bless Papa.

  35. pls I want to set up an Radio station nd I want to know if de great Apostle can build all de equipment I wl need for my station instead of importing them from other country ?

  36. Please am very pleased and happy for all Apostle is doing, please I need some customized things for my new four bedroom story apartment I have just completed how do I get the customised things and who do I speak to please help me becuase am very searious about it thank you.

  37. Your always has been my admirer Apostle ..This is a great idea of an African. …Your generosity is a plus…God continue to give you more ideas to explore

      1. Once commercial production officially begins (before the close of 2014), you would have the opportunity to discuss with the marketing and sales department of the Kantanka Automobile company to know the price of the Kantanka car you want or for any further negotiations. Find out more about the commercial production by visiting
        High Performance, Efficiency, Safety ,Comfort & Affordability are Guaranteed
        Thank you

  38. Am very happy,,,,, for me to hearing this good news in my country Ghana, may God bless KANTAKA and all his family… I LIKE engineering and i want learn more from kantaka . am electrical engineer.
    How can i join this great family of kantaka in my lovely country Ghana am ready to add my best to great kantaka if you call me today i well my work and come and come give my to the mother Ghana.., may God bless you all.
    AMEN ,……

  39. The can do spirit,am proud to be a Ghanaian but android phones should be included.God bless GHANA,God bless AFRICA

  40. Please, want to be train by the greater kosa Co. Lmt and also want to contact them directly what should I do to get the chance or to contact them.thank you.

    1. The Apostle Safo Technology centre has rolled out plans to establish an institution for higher technological studies, accredited by the National Accreditation Board, which would practically train thousands of Ghanaians on how to manufacture technological gadgets/machines. Enrolment would begin when the project is completed. You may also visit for more information. Thank you

    2. Dear Fellas,
      If this unique products are manufactured here in Ghana, the best thing to suggest is the government should acquire these 4*4 for the police service which will be of a great benefit to the nation

  41. With all our natural resources … Ghana and Africa as a whole shouldn’t suffer….if we Have an African Industry like that of Apostle Safo. I know the so called PHD holders, Engineers and Professors are not happy. But they can go to HELL. You can have the last qualification in Education and yet remain Stupid. Let us all encourage skill workers and avoid too many certificate holders …because they are a bunch of nitwits. The greater part of the work is on the field and good office/field supervision … not wearing Coat &Tire and remaining in the office

  42. Please, I will advice that the company keeps its products technology know-how secret to avoid being stolen. Research and developments should be kept out from those who aren’t part of the “need to know” group and people who might steal and sell the tech know-how to other countries.

    This is great start point to advancing in this age of technology and transportations. Africa has resources to even do greater things for itself; however, governments and rich folks have not taken advantage of all that Africa has in order to turn the fortunes of the continent for the benefit of its people.

    Tires, Alloy wheels, batteries, rubber tubes, lighting systems, upholstery, general car parts etcetera manufacturing factories should be considered by other rich folks, entrepreneurs, investors, to support this car manufacture to enable her share labor, which will in turn create a supply chain for the same purpose within the country. This will help employ our youth and graduates all over the nation.

    The Japanese patronized their home made goods that enable their economies to flourish also helped the companies to become more innovative churning out quality and durable goods through more research and development (R&D) that the world came to love and appreciated. Small and medium parts manufactures actually drove up the car production in Japan and many other car producing countries.

    Rich folks must put their monies in these ventures to help accelerate the car industry and other technological productions for both local and international sales and consumptions. Kudos to Dr. Kwadjo Safo for this vision and inventions. God bless you, Ghana and the continent of Africa. Thank you!

  43. I am a manufacturing and simulation engineer currently with JaguarLandrover in the UK. Ive also worked as a Quality Engineer for BMW in the past so I have good experience in making premium cars. I have been following your progress keenly and I have to say I am impressed by what you have achieved especially without the facilities we have here.Ive always thought about bringing back the experience I have to help Ghana but as there were no automotive companies in Ghana, it’s been daunting. Now I have a lot of hope and confidence. Looking at the pictures and reading the articles, over the years I can see that Kantanka auto has come far but also there’s a lot us engineers with automotive experience here can contribute to make Kantanka even better and competitive. I already have a team of such engineers and professionals that have come together form a small company here. My vision has been to bring these people together develop our company and also generate funds. If successful, come to Ghana to set up.. with Kantankas efforts , I believe we dont have to wait that long anymone. I would like to contribute our expertise if you would have us. I admit the automotive industry is very big requiring so many different expertise so we don’t know everything even our fields but there’s a lot we can contribute. If possible I would like to make contact to discuss. Maybe it’s time for us engineers here to start Looking back at Ghana.

  44. Designing is my hobby and a gift from God.I would love to design for Apostle Kwadwo Safo.
    I will really love to contact him since I don’t want to give my designs to any other person apart from him.I am currently working on an SUV design.
    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.
    I live in Osu

  45. Don’t be deceive that we have so many resources
    It will continue to do us no good unless we prepare ourselves mentaly to take control of them.
    As it stands now, i strongly believe apostle is best resource Ghana has.
    most of us will understand with time.

  46. It is true that God bles Ghana, Kantanka made our country proud, and my prayer is that God contineun to open kantanka maind to rich highyer,God bles kantanka God bles Ghana.

  47. it’s africa’s time 2 rule d world..
    Isn’t only the Ghanaian that re celebrating, we all Africans.
    I think i should let u knw that there is also a man who now produces automobiles here in Nigeria (INNOSON MOTORS) and the federal government of Nigeria has made it govt official car and has been passed into law.

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