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January Edition: Apostle Safo Thrills Ghana at the 33rd Annual Technology Exhibition Show 2013.


Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo

Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo

The sunny morning of 29th December 2013 on Awoshie grounds, Accra-Ghana, where the Apostle Safo School of Arts and Sciences is located, was filled with melody and excitement as the Kantanka Band was in action.

“What could account for such feasting other than the approaching year?” one may ask. The reasons were spread out on the park, playing center of attraction.

There were also thousands of individuals present to witness this great occasion. They all knew one thing for sure; Apostle Safo was going to make history again at the 33rd Annual Technology Exhibition Show (2013) of the Kristo Asafo mission!

Dignitaries arriving included Vice-Chancellors of Ghana’s renowned universities, Traditional Chiefs, Ministers of State, Military Generals (especially from the air-force) etc. About 10 honorable members of parliament were also present including the Apostle’s Daughter.

Dr.Joe Oteng Agyei (Minister of Science, Technology and Environment), Prof. Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang (Minister of Education), Alfred Oko Vanderpuije (Accra Metropolitan Chief Executive), Deputy Indian High Commissioner to Ghana, Prof. Frimpong Boateng (a Ghanaian heart surgeon), delegations from some African Countries, Jacob Osei Yeboah (Independent Presidential Candidate 2012), Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia (Former Deputy Governor, Bank of Ghana and Vice Presidential Candidate for NPP, Ghana’s major opposition party ) etc were all present to witness this memorable occasion. The chairperson for the occasion was Professor Esi Awuah, Vice Chancellor, University of Energy and Natural Resources, Suyani B/A.

Apostle Safo’s efforts had pulled the ‘crème de la crème’ of the nation to this platform. To inspect the exhibits, one had to gain permission from the intelligent Kantanka Security Robot dressed in military uniform.

It requested to see  identification cards and verified it before allowing the guests through the Kantanka electronic gates which automatically slid open to reveal the inventions arranged systematically. Cheers and applause flooded the venue as the invited guests went through this gate.

Kantanka Security robot

Kantanka Security robot

The robot was first presented with fake ID cards as a test and it rejected them all. Shockingly, it told them in plain words (in Twi, a Ghanaian language) that their ID card were not valid.

Inside the exhibition territory, heads of the various departments of the Apostle Safo Suaye Technology Research Centre (ASSTRC) guided the guests through the specifications and other details behind the exhibits.

About thirty minutes later, all inspections were done and was now the turn of the entire audience/congregation to see for themselves whatever had caused marvel on the faces of the executive and invited guests while coming out of the exhibition area.

Per the Star of Africa’s request, Honourable Adwoa Safo (youngest Lawyer ever called to the Ghana Bar, Member of Parliament for the Dome-Kwabenya Constituency and daughter of Apostle Safo) read the initial press-release speech by World’s number 1 technologist, Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo Kantanka (Star of Africa).

Kantanka Otumfuo, a four wheel drive started with a walking stick.

Kantanka Otumfuo, a four-wheel drive started with a walking stick.

Hon. Adwoa Safo read “The frequently asked question now is when Kantanka products will be on the sale markets. Well, the assembly plant is 85% complete and will begin test-production by March 2014. Full production is slated for ending period of May 2014. The plant will have production capacity of about 80-200 cars per month, starting with pick-up trucks and Kantanka Onantefo vehicles. I appeal to Government to support this course”. This revelation was received with applause from the thousands of people gathered there.

After that, the Star of Africa began explanations on how he manufactured all the items on display.

The Kantanka Otumfuo vehicle was first. Right before the eyes of everyone watching, a walking stick was pointed to the car and it did start! Wonderful, that was actually the key. Every one marveled and a downpour of cheers and applause followed. It also has the normal car key system for optimum consumer preference.

The next item was another extra-ordinary car, Kantanka Odeneho II. Many cars in the world need an engine to function. This one had none! 

Kantanka Odeneho II : it is a four seater saloon car that does not have engine. It is powered by rechargeable batteries.

Kantanka Odeneho II : it is a five seater saloon car that does not have engine. It is powered by rechargeable batteries.

Under the Apostle’s instructions, the bonnet of the car was laid open and the truth was revealed. Yes, the car really does not have an engine. This car runs on an electrical mechanism. Instead of an engine, it ran only on rechargeable car batteries.

Following this was the Kantanka irrigation robot, a human-like robot (chocolate in complexion) dressed in blue workers’ uniform of the ASSTRC. It was riding a bicycle with a water tank attached. It is purposely for irrigation to increase food production. It went round the field watering it to the amazement of all media personnel and participants.

After this, the Kantanka Automatic Change over switch and smoke detector was showcased. It switches from the main electricity source (ECG) to Generator when the main power goes off. When the main power is restored, it switches from the Generator to the main electricity. It also gives an alert in spoken words whenever there is a fire outbreak.
Additionally, it tells the exact building, room or particular portion of the building or gadget that is on fire and cautions you on safety measures to use.

Kantanka Automatic Change over Switch and smoke detector.

Kantanka Automatic Change over Switch and smoke detector.

A set-up of wooden room was used to test the device. The room was set on fire and began burning. Immediately the Kantanka smoke detector started blowing alarm and signaling with emergency lights that the room was on fire. It spoke to tell the audience the exact position of the fire and the cautionary measures to use.

Intelligently, the device automatically disconnected the whole building from the power source to limit the damage that will be caused. This was the Star of Africa’s answer to the rampant cases of fire outbreaks in Ghana nowadays.

Two Kantanka aircrafts were also up for demonstration that day.

The first one was KTK, a white passenger airplane (an improved version of the earlier Kantanka jet). On its tail was the Kristo Asafo’s logo. The sides of the plane were also striped in colours of the Kristo Asafo flag. It also had an Adinkra symbol (Dwennimmen) in black designed on its gate.

The second aircraft was KTK 02; a military helicopter armed with missiles. Aside its bold green complexion, the “KTK 02”

engravings on it were in red colour.

For the first time in the history of technology shows of the Kristo Asafo, there was a drama of a military ambush to demonstrate the

Kantanka passenger airliner. Made in Ghana by Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo.

Kantanka passenger airliner. Made in Ghana by Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo.

usage of the Kantanka Bazookas and helicopter. The drama was based on a few soldiers on a military mission. The dignitaries applauded this particular demonstration as the echoes of the explosion faded away.

The weapons are not revolutionary but for national defense, peace keeping missions and other military assignments.

As usual, all of the invited guests were choking on praises for this unique man. Here are a few quotes;

“I am most baffled by the car that sparks without an engine.  I have already told my office to liaise with yours (Apostle) because I’d like to pay you a personal visit. I’d encourage the youth and for that matter, all of us, to emulate the innovativeness of Apostle Safo”.   – Dr.Joe Oteng Agyei (Minister of Science, Technology and Environment).

KTK 02 - A defensive helicopter armed with missiles. Made in Ghana by Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo

KTK 02 – A defensive helicopter armed with missiles. Made in Ghana by Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo

“Thank you for showing us that indeed the Black man is capable. It’s time we started patronizing indigenous goods. Africans are too much into imported stuff. I am glad He is venturing into mass production. Jesus lasted 33 years on earth. I believe the same age being of this technology exhibition this year, means that the ‘gospel turbans’ of Apostle’s technology should go far. I also love the way Apostle uses local languages for his functions. No language is void!”   -Prof. Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang (Minister of Education)

“We thank Apostle Safo for reminding us toward the end of 2013 that we need to come together to move our country forward. I believe this afternoon has inspired all of us. For far too long, we divide ourselves among good initiatives and they are lost along the line. I thank Apostle for issuing invitations to all political parties (working together) to move our country forward. We need to come together behind productive and creative initiatives”.  – Alfred Oko Vanderpuije (Accra Metropolitan Chief Executive).

The information-mill in the country is running wild as many people continue to spread the word on Apostle Safo’s work. More individuals are beginning to see the light concerning the matter. The state must act now!

The theme for the show was “Religion, Science and Technology, tools for socio-economic transformation” of the entire continent.

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  2. Apostle thank u very much for what u are doing,please apostle if u can produce more s’more cars so that our people in Ghana can buy them and also affordeble Thank you.


  4. God Yahweh bless you 4 dis wonderful tins u are doing, is true dey say a man can do nothing unless it is given to him 4rm above to do so, So Apostle may de gud God dat gave u de wisdom, continue to shower u wth more wisdom


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