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Apostle Dr. Safo modernising the field of Herbal Medicine – Simplified Edition

PlantsThe African industrialist and front-runner of Africa Technology, Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo has done a brilliant job in the area of herbal medicine. He has developed modern forms of administration of herbal medicine.

This has made herbal medicine more attractive to people. Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo has also extended the herbal medicine to animal husbandry.

This has increased the number of offsprings reproduced by domestic animals.

His admirable contribution to herbal medicine as well as other works has generated a series of puzzling questions about the knowledge base of this great man. This is because he is seen to be specialised in so many fields beyond imagination.

Many people are amazed to see one man manufacturing automobiles, television sets, robots, armoured car, rocket display, air conditioners, radio consoles, designing plans and constructing building (architecture), designing and spraying/painting his equipment and buildings, Preaching about God, performing miracles ( bringing dead people back to life, splitting the ground open for water to spring out to form a pond filled with Tilapia et cetera), fish farming, digging boreholes, cultivating and managing woody plants (arboriculture), cultivating  and management  ornamentals (floriculture), cultivating and managing vegetables (olericulture), manufacturing car engines, combining sea shells and the nuts of palm fruits with others things to manufacture metals, manufacturing CCTV cameras, computers, block making machines, money counterfeit detecting machine, crane, excavator, guitars, talking doors et cetera and aside all these herbal medicine.

We hope you also know that he has manufactured an aircraft already and manufacturing another one. Manufacture of ships is also looming.

In this publication we will focus our attention on herbal medicine. We plan to publish his works one by one. If we try to publish many at a time, the publication will be too long and overly tiring to read because he has done and continues to do many things.

Herbal Medicine

The star of Africa explaining the medicinal effect of some of the preparations to guests and people during the annual exhibition

The star of Africa explaining the medicinal effect of some of the preparations to guests and people during the annual exhibition

As early as 1987, after series of successful research into herbal medicine, the Star of Africa established the Great KOSA Clinic to cater for the health needs of the society.

The clinic uses African healing methods and traditions to cure diseases.

The clinic performed this duty in a modern environment.

The Great KOSA clinic was and continuous to be famous for its success in treating chronic diseases which had stayed with some patients for years.

The Clinic has been referred to as “Last Stop” by most people especially patients who finally got treated at the clinic for diseases they thought were not curable.

After establishing the clinic, theStar of Africa focused on researching deeper into natural plant medicine. Apostle Dr. Safo’s visions in this area were to:

1.  Change the face of herbal medicine to make it more attractive and acceptable in the country and continent

2.  Introduce the infusions and injectables as forms of administration of herbal preparations.

Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo Kantanka was determined to carry out deeper research into herbal medicine since this would make him achieve the vision he had in the 1980′s. He therefore established the Plant Medicine department as part of Apostle Safo Suaye Technological Centre in 2005.

The department has in stock herbal medicine efficient in the treatment of diseases like hepatitis, cancer, malaria, cough, typhoid fever, hernia, ulcer, joint pains, rheumatism, convulsions,  diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension), low blood pressure ( hypotension), infertility, asthma, tuberculosis, anaemia, influenza, migraine, onchocerciasis, malfunctioning kidneys, lung diseases, fibroid,  piles, baldness, general body weakness, jaundice, etc.

Although the treatments to some of these diseases were developed by Apostle Dr. Safo even before the 1980′s, the department has developed other forms of processing and packaging of these herbal medicines. These includes various drug administration forms such pills, syrups, injectables, infusions, tea bags etc.

Location of Great KOSA Clinic:

Taifa, Off Burkina Road Opposite Kristo Asafo Building

Taifa – Greater Accra Region



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  1. The Almighty n our Ancestors sent u to we Africans Dr.safo kantanka, u are the greaters man the world has ever had in history, since creation even till now!!! We love u and we appreciate whatever u do. God bless u n grant u the will n ur desires, 2 do watever u want to Achieve in life. may the Almighty give u long life n protection 4rm all evil men so that u will be successful in all things.
    One Love Dr. Safo

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