Today: January 18, 2018
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About us

Africa Redemption Magazine, affectionately called AfricaRM or A.R Magazine, is a free widely read online magazine operated by a group of African Professionals and Journalists. It promotes African inventions and creative innovations. The name AfricaRM originated from Africa and the initial letters of Redemption and Magazine. Emerging from Accra, Ghana on 1st December 2010, Africa Redemption Magazine has rapidly grown into a multilingual magazine networked across Africa and attracts thousands of visitors each day from countries around the world. We bring you closer to the picture as Africa transforms its economy through technological revolution.

Africa Redemption Magazine believes in Economic Redemption through Applied Science and Technology. Africa is endowed with many natural resources yet poor. Among the problems contributing to this worrying and unpleasant predicament of Africa is low level of industrialization. Industrialization can not be achieved without technology. It is a fact that the poverty gap between Africa and the developed world is a technological gap.

Bridging the technological gap would strengthened Africa’s economy and drive the whole continent through the road of rapid development we desperately need. A formidable economy would alleviate poverty and bring freedom to the people. It would give true meaning to independence, for political independence without economic independence is false independence.

Africa Redemption Magazine is therefore promoting indigenous science and technology for the betterment of Africa. We can not do this by neglecting the African industrialist and front-runner of African technology, Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo, so we have dedicated this magazine to creating awareness about him.

We are encouraging our African leaders to do more to support massive industrialization and govern the continent to the benefit of the people. Support Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo, Africa’s technological hope for a better Africa.

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Core Values:

  • Realism
  • Professionalism
  • Team work
  • Commitment
  • Excellence


Sounding the African Re-Awake Drums

We chose this motto because we believe Africa must wake up once again and restore her position in history as the leader of civilisation.


Currently, Africa Redemption Magazine is available in 71 (seventy-one) languages including English, Afrikaans, French, Portuguese, Swahili, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese etc.


We, at Africa Redemption Magazine, believe that everybody is a genius and can contribute to the well-being of Africa. You may send your contributions to us at any time. We make your opinions known to the world. The contributions must be in line with our mission.